RDC, CAO Go Physical Over Covid 19 Funds

In Bugweri


A COVID 19 Bugweri district task force meeting ended prematurely after the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), and Resident District Commissioner (RDC) went physical.



Jonathan Mukose, the CAO and Gad Rugaju, the RDC who were sited next to each other on the front seat chairing the meeting yesterday June 18 shocked district officials and members of the public as both held each other by the collar.


The near fight was only stopped by the District Police Commander (DPC) John Nkundizima.


Trouble started when Gad Rugaju stood up to oppose a proposal by the District Health Officer (DHO) Doctor Peter Muwereza to divert Shs20M that had been handed over to the district recently by the Second Deputy Prime Minister, Kirunda Kivenjinja to purchase uniforms for medical personnel.


Rugaju accused the district officials led by the Chief Administrative Officer of being corrupt by siphoning funds meant to benefit the ordinary locals to their own personal use.


He tasked the Chief Administrative Officer to account for the Shs165M that was given to the district by the Central government to help in the fight against COVID 19.


“You say the money is over but we don’t know how it was used because I don’t see anything on the ground,” he said.


Rugaju said the Shs20M that was handed over by Kirunda Kivenjinja should be used towards the purchase of sanitizers and food for vulnerable persons hardest hit by the COVID 19 lock down.


It was then that Johnathan Mukose stood up demanding the Rugaju to handover the District vehicle he had been given to use after his official vehicle broke down.


Mukose tried to grab the car keys that were on the table but Rugaju also stood up and asked him what powers he had to take away the vehicle yet he was chairperson of all the cars in the district during this COVID 19 lock down.


It was at the moment that both officials held each other by the collar threatening to exchange blows.


The two officials have on several occasions clashed in public.


Early last month, the two officials disagreed during a COVID 19 meeting on the issue of relocation of an isolation center from Nkutu memorial secondary to the community center.


Rugaju wanted the COVID 19 suspects to be relocated to the social center but Mukose rejected the idea arguing that the place is being used by his wife, Judith Nalumansi to skill youths in the district.


During the meeting, Rugaju accused Mukose of usurping his powers as the chairperson of the COVID 19 task force and vowed to continue pushing for the relocation of the suspects to the social center while Mukose also promised to block the decision using his position as the district accounting officer.

Mukose when contacted later declined to comment on the incident saying it was an administrative issue.


“This is an internal matter not for the media,” he said.

Rugaju on his part promised to continue exposing corrupt officials in the district to ensure the vice is wiped out.


“Our people are suffering yet people at the district are just stealing huge sums of money,” he said.

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