RDC Car Shattered In Attempted Assassination, Now Uses Bodaboda To Work

RDC Senkoole Najjuma (Middle) during a partriots passout in Kibuku District recently

By David Omoding



The Resident District Commissioner Kibuku District Ms. Najjuma Juliet Senkoole has resorted to using bodaboda as a means of transport to execute her state assigned duties.


The RDC’s official Toyota car registration number UG 2439C is grounded and parked at Kibuku district central police station with shattered rear wind screen and door.


Najjuma said she is forced to hire bodaboda, or walking to work especially shorter distances to fulfill her monitoring duty which she decries is expensive and risky to her life.


According to the RDC, she parked the car at police as exhibit following what she called as attempted assassination on Wednesday last week 14th August when she was returning from Kampala.


The RDC says the yet to be identified assassins travelling in a government car belonging to a ministry she did not reveal allegedly shot at her car at Magada village Namutumba District near Mpologoma swamp at about 8:15pm on Nakalama Tirinyi road.


‘’It’s true I was returning from Kampala to Kibuku but when we arrived at Magada village in Namutumba district near Mpologoma swamp, I heard a gunshot but didn’t know where it was coming from then suddenly my driver realized that the door of the car was shuttered by a bullet.’’ She told eastnews.




She added that a government vehicle with red number plate was following them from behind and overtook them on a terrible speed but when her driver tried to flash lights for them to stop they refused to stop and they decided to chase for it till they reached Tirinyi Trading Center where the alleged car stopped but the occupants did not come out but when her driver parked and they came out the driver of the car sped off.




The RDC said they were 3 occupants in her car but none of them was injured by the bullet.




She attributed the incident to politicians with selfish interests to be behind this move.


She said when she was pushing for the official pass out of over 4000 patriots in the district and launch of the district Magazine highlighting the achievements of NRM she started receiving anonymous calls tracking her disguising to be thanking her for her good work.


She said this incident has inflicted psychological torture in her and now lives in fear thinking on what could be the next plan for the assassins.




The District Police Commander Kibuku district, Mr. Silver Bashir confirmed the incident saying the RDC reported the incident adding that the investigating team is still carrying out their investigations.




He refused to divulge details on the RDC’s allegation that her alleged assassins were using a government car saying the matter is still under investigation.




‘’For now I can only confirm that the car is parked here but the team of detectives are still investigating the alleged shooting.’’ He said.


He also did rule out the fact that the car might have been hit by a stone.