REAL LIFE STORY: How Malukhu Government Prisoners Used Cat To Convey Love Letters

By Markson Omagor


In the last episode, I shared with you how Malukhu government prisoners engaged in scientific sex.


In that scientific sex, male prisoners went to strategic positions just opposite the female prison. The female prison was only separated from the male by a chain link fence.


So, the male prisoners would sit in an area near the chain link usually around the kitchen area and the female prisoners would also sit on their side of their prison- of course on appointment.


The females started off the scientific sex by exposing their private parts for the male lover to see and watch. In reflex, the elated male would then start masturbating. The handkerchief used to clean the semen would then be thrown over the fence to the female.


The female would use this handkerchief at night while others are asleep for masturbation purposes. The story was that, the woman while romancing herself would keep on sniffing the handkerchief that smelt the man’s semen until she ‘came’.


The following day, the lovers would again meet at the same place, perform the same antics and then the woman would throw her pant that she used to clean herself to the man.


And the man would then use that pant to masturbate at night. And so the story went on like that.


You must be asking how communication was effected between the prisoner lovers separated by a chain link, not allowed to speak to each other and with no access to phones.


Here comes in the CAT, used as a postmaster for love letters.


My discovery was accidental.


One afternoon, I was having lunch of matooke and fresh meat with a few of my senior colleagues including the Katikkiro when this cat came around and I made to hit it.

“Eh eh….wacha wacha. Never ever dare to touch that cat!” was the stern warning I received.


Taken aback, I asked what was very special about this particular cat yet I had seen them chase away other cats from within the vicinity of our Ward.


“That cat is the one we use to communicate with our girlfriends across,” started the Katikkiro.


“You see, we have trained that cat to the extent that immediately a piece of paper is tied on its hind leg, say from our side, it immediately crosses to the other side of the fence,” he continued.


“If it is from the female side, it will automatically run across this way,” he said.


I was by now really really interested in the story.


“Uh uh?” I prodded him further. “How does it then identify the intended recipient of the love letter?” I inquired.


“It does not have that ability. But the letter is only tied when the recipient on the other side is near the fence. So immediately it crosses, the recipient beckons it and it goes there. The recipient then unties the letter and gives it something to eat. In a way, it gets to know the common players in the game.”


I was astonished to say the least, but more was to come my way. My Katikkiro told me to watch the space.


Later that afternoon at about 4:00pm, an hour before Lockup (The time prisoners are counted for the last time in the day and then locked up to sleep), a senior inmate beckoned the cat and tied a letter on the hind leg of the cat and shooed it towards the fence direction.


To my astonishment the cat went through a small opening under the chain link and trotted to the female prison. A few meters away, was a female prisoner that beckoned the cat and untied the letter. It then wagged its tail until it was given some bread crumbs to eat. Then it came back to our side.


From that day on, I kept watching these episodes of the cat doing its postmaster errands. It was also the only animal ‘allowed’ within the prison premise by inmates and the most loved.


Next week, I will share with you how I managed to spend one month in Malukhu government prison without eating prison food.










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