Recharged Bunyole King Convenes Cultural Meeting

Sabalagira, Were Gessa Kasumali (Standing)

By Solomon Hamala




The re-charged cultural king/ Sehulu for Bunyole has convened a cultural meeting with a call on all clan leaders in Bunyole to revive the cultural sites and norms for Bunyole.


Martin Khayinja leading by example convened the meeting at Ababego cultural shrines in Mulangi Sub County. The Ababego clan is in charge of this site and it’s the oldest cultural site in Butaleja and Bunyole at large.


“This is one of the top cultural sites we have in Bunyole. Let’s teamup to develop it to a national level,’ Khajnja urged his cabinet, members of the royal council and the clan heads.


Wapale Samson who is the overseer of the Ababego shrines however said that until the four cultural drums that were stolen from the shrine are returned into place, the Obwa Sehulu Cultural Institution will remain unstable with endless disputes.


The four drums have a big cultural attachment to the Institution of obwa Sehulu.


The newly appointed Prime Minister of Obwa Sehulu, Eddy Wamushya and the Ssabalangira, Gesa Kasumaali urged all the appointed cultural leaders and clan leaders in Butaleja to resist intimidations from unscrupulous people who are fighting and sabotaging activities of the Obwa Sehulu.


Last year, another rival faction rose and claimed the seat of the Obwa Sehulu. They sat and elected a one Prof. Kyomi Eriazi Wesana, a don in Kabale University as the new Sehulu but immediately Khahyinja and his ruling team rose from slumber and quashed this faction calling it illegal.

Their determination went as far as appointing executives and cabinet Ministers to coordinate cultural activities however their game plan has been sabotaged by the re-charged Khayinja who is ring-fencing his seat.

Among other things discussed during the meeting was how to promote Bunyole through proper education, support of government programmes, promotion of Bunyole’s cultural Anthem, Bunyole’s cultural songs and revival of Bunyole cultural norms.