Tororo county councilors want two district secretaries who resigned to hand over office keys.

The Tororo county councilors through their caucus chairperson, Rodgers Imiluk are demanding the immediate handover of office keys by two district secretaries who willfully resigned their positions in 2017.

On 23rd of February 2017 during a heavily guarded council session, the secretary for health and education Simon Odongo together with the secretary works and technical services Jacob Opio tendered in their resignation letters rendering the district executive committee defunct.

The councilors say it is illegal for members to continue holding the office keys and having access to the offices at any time they please.

Tororo county councilors now want the two secretaries to hand over the keys of their offices to the district CAO who is the custodian of district property before they take action.

The councilors made this call during a preliminary meeting before the RDC on Wednesday at the office of the acting district chairperson Stella Imukutet.

Imukutet noted that the meeting with the RDC was intended to lure Tororo county councilors to call off their council boycott and join their colleagues of West Budama in deliberations. She however noted that it was important for the councilors of West Budama to write a letter suggesting their comeback to council.

After a closed door meeting with Tororo RDC, Nixon Owole, Imailuk told the press that the RDC’s demand of them going back to council will only materialize when two separate budgets of Tororo County and West Budama are drawn.

Short of that, he says Tororo county councilors will never sit in the same council with their oppressors unless the district is divided.

In a related development;

The Tororo County South MP, Fredrick Angura has dismissed claims that the President had stopped the creation of new administrative units in the country.

Speaking to Eastnews on phone on Thursday evening, Angura said the media misinterpreted the President’s statements during the NRM retreat in Kyankwanzi recently against the creation of more administration units. He says MPs questioned the move and the President clarified on day two of the retreat that he has never spoken of stopping the creation of new districts.

He however emphasized service delivery which he says is being sabotaged by the many administrative units that are so demanding.

Angura noted that Tororo issue is before the President and no one should misinform the people of Tororo because the President is very determined to solve the problem.

Angura called for calm and patience among the people saying whatever happens does not influence their demands as the people of Tororo County. 

Angura says that if the situation in Tororo is out of hand, the President has prerogative that allows him to take over any administrative unit in Uganda with Tororo not being an exceptional.

He added that there are several town councils and new districts that parliament has created and will continue to create allaying all the fears of Tororo people.

By Matthew Okello