Rock High School On Verge Of Eviction After Land Claimant Runs To Court

Rock High school main hall and library which is to be lost if the school is evicted

By Matthew Okello




Rock High School found at the heart of Tororo Municipality may soon be evicted after a man claiming ownership of the school land has run to the high court.


Alvin Bakame the claimant of Rock High school land has filed a case against the school in High court sitting in Kampala seeking the court’s intervention after failure by the Rock High School Trustees to willingly vacate his purported land.


In a civil suit filed on 22nd of August 2019, Bakame through his lawyers Didas Nkurunziza & CO. Advocates and Rem advocates argue that on 22nd of June 2016, Bakame became the registered proprietor of leasehold register volume 88/15 plot 1 Block Vill Malinsiki Road Tororo.


In their suit, the Advocates claim that Bakame purchased the land from Agaba Emmanuel and Laban Ajange who had earlier purchased it from the registered trustees of the Indian Education Society Budama district who had repossessed the land in 1993 under the expropriated properties act cap 85.


Bakame notes that after he purchased his land, all his efforts to possess the land have been unsuccessful due to the continuous unlawful occupation by Rock High School despite the several writings to the school by his lawyers to vacate the land.


In the suit is an attachment of the advice from the Solicitor’s General Office who argued that Bakame rightfully acquired the land in question and failure to hand over the same to him would mean abuse of his constitutional rights to own property irrespective of the activities thereon.


In his legal advice sought by Ministry of Education on behalf of the school, the Solicitor General advised the school either to hand over the school to Bakame or alternatively purchase the interest of Bakame.


The school received the intention to sue them on 13th September. 2019. The intention sates that failure by the school to file their defence within a period of 15 days would mean court will proceed with the case without their position on the matter.