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SCARY! Farmers Resort To Marijuana In Fight Against Pests With Modern Pesticides Failing To Work


By Nakanwagi Olivier Mukaaya




Farmers in Mbale have resorted to planting Marijuana on large scale believing it to be one of the best pesticides against pests and diseases attacking crops.


According to farmers interviewed by this reporter over the weekend, dry leaves of Marijuana and flowers repel or kill insects, mites, nematodes and weeds hence enabling crops to grow healthy.


It’s noted that most farmers have decided to use local or natural methods to fight pests than modern pesticides which have proved ineffective.


Agatha Muyiyi, a farmer from Bukasakya Sub County said Marijuana is so helpful in preventing pests in crops.


“I normally use dried crushed marijuana leaves with ash, red pepper mixed with water to spray my crops and this has worked for me,” she said.


She added; “marijuana works best when it comes to repelling pests like termites so I recommend more farmers to use this same method for good crop production.”


Suzan Mugodo, another farmer from Bukasakya said the use of marijuana leaves is so fast and responsive.


“I only take 2 to 3 days to eliminate pests and diseases attacking my crops than the modern pesticide which in most cases takes a long time,” she said.


Haruna Mubake, a farmer from Bufuhula village said they have been fighting with pests for a long time.


“We were in struggle of fighting pests since modern pesticides could not work not until we discovered the use of marijuana and other substances as the best solution,” he said.


Samson Mutumba, a farmer who has taken 20 years in farming said the current pesticides on market are fake.


They always advertise and sell pesticides which instead attract pests and diseases in the gardens, most current pesticides only prevent for some time but don’t do away with pests,” he said.


He added; “Therefore using organic pesticide like mixture of marijuana and ash will be of more help since it can act faster and pests die completely.”


Halima Namubiru, the agricultural officer Bukasakya confirmed the presence of pests saying there are many pests and diseases especially in Bugisu sub region.



“However it is true most farmers use illegal pesticides which are prohibited in the communities and government like Marijuana, this is dangerous because youths use it for different wrong purposes,” she said.


She encouraged farmers to always consult from the agricultural ministry on the best pesticide to use in fighting pests and diseases.

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