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SCIENCE TEACHERS STRIKE: Mbale City Secondary Schools Stranded with Students

By Wetondo Denis Julius




Government secondary school head teachers in Mbale City are stranded with science subjects as teachers enter their second week of strike.


Science Secondary teachers called for the strike at the beginning of second term and since that time Mbale City teachers have refused to go back to class claiming that government just fools them around.


According to the Head teacher Mbale High School, Stephen Wambalo it’s now the second week and there is no science teacher at school.


He also revealed to this website that even those that were willing to teach were smoked out of the classrooms by their fellow teachers who have maintained the strike.


Wambalo also says that they are now spending money to hire some teachers from outside the school to come and teach but that they are too expensive since they want immediate pay, transport, and feeding.


He adds that high prices of commodities have greatly affected the school and yet they cannot increase the school fees because parents are also complaining of the same situation.


“We don’t have science teachers per now and we have failed to tell the students about it. I urge teachers to stop the strike and come back to class as the government responds because we missed a lot.” Wambolo pleads.


Malike Wasukila, the Deputy Head Teacher Nkoma Secondary School also says since the strike started, they have not seen any science teacher in their school compound.


“We are now depending on the teachers who are not on pay roll but being paid by PTA and at the moment they are not enough to handle all classes since we have a big number of students at Nkoma secondary school,” Malik said.


However, when we spoke to the Deputy Commissioner Patriotism in Uganda, Mubarak Magomu says students are innocent because they don’t know what the strike is all about.


“Teachers should learn how to be patriotic and serve their nation with a heart of love,” Magomu said while urging the teachers to go back to class and work as government looks for plan B for them.


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