Senior Police Officer Shoots Man Dead Inside His Compound For Defying Curfew

The deceased when still alive

In Kaliro


A Senior Police Officer at the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) is being investigated for shooting dead a man who was in his compound for allegedly defying curfew.

The deceased, Fred Galimu was shot dead by the officer in charge Nawaikoke police post ASP, Alex Munyabazi at his home on June 15.


This took place in Bugalimu village, Bukamba Sub County in Kaliro district.


Now the family of the deceased has asked the Inspector General of Police, Martin Ochola to intervene so that the Officer is arrested and charged before courts of law for murder.


According to one of the widows, Margret Babirye, the officer who was moving towards the direction where an angry mob had descended on the home of the LC one chairman, Moses Galimu decided to branch to their home and asked what they were doing at a  time when they were supposed to be indoors being curfew time.


Babirye said the deceased asked the police officer whether it was a crime to be seated outside his own house.


She said it was at this time that the police officer cocked his gun before shooting him twice in the chest at a very close range killing him instantly.


“I tried to raise an alarm but no one could come to our rescue since locals closed their doors after hearing the gun shots,” she said.


All the 13 children of the deceased who were having supper outside their home helplessly witnessed the shooting of their father.


One of the deceased’s elder sons, John Waako said the police officer threatened to shoot him as well in case he moved closer to him.


Waako said the police officer again shot thrice in the air in a bid to disperse any crowd that could gather before disappearing in the darkness.


Munyabazi had been asked to give reinforcement to Bukamba police post to quell the angry mob that threatened to lynch the LC one chairman.


Residents accuse the LC1 Chairman of importing evil spirits called the ‘Bumenke’ that were allegedly killing residents and raping women.



Within less than twenty minutes, the angry mob had destroyed the home of the LC One Chairman besides looting some of his house hold property and livestock.


Maimuna Galide, one of the locals accused the LC one chairman of importing the evil spirits in the area so as to get riches.


“The evil spirits move to people’s houses stealing property and bringing it to his home,” she said.


Galide said the presence of the evil spirits had scared most of the women in the area from moving to the borehole especially during night hours for fear of being raped.


The LC one chairman managed to sneak away into darkness to avoid being lynched by the mob.


The second widow, Jane Kagoya expressed fear that as a family they are likely not to get justice since the police officer has not been arrested after the incident.


A top police official at Kaliro Central Police Station speaking on condition of anonymity said Munyabazi had been transferred to Kiibale police post in Namutumba district two months back but was shocked to discover that he had again been involved in an operation that involved murder of a person.


Members of the family are demanding the immediate intervention of the Inspector General of Police have the police officer arrested and charged before courts of law.


The Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Kaliro, Billy Mulindwa when contacted expressed shock as to why the police officer had not yet been arrested.


“Whatever manner the person could have been killed this police officer should be arrested,” she said.


Mulindwa promised to investigate the matter and ensure justice prevails.


The Police Spokesman Busoga North, Michael Kasada said investigations are under way to establish what could have really transpired.


Kasada said the fact that the police officer was out of jail does not mean that investigations were not being done.


“Being out of the cells does not mean that investigations are not going on,” he said.




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