Serere District Needs Shs10 Billion to Work on Submerged Roads

By John Ogulei



The Serere District Authorities have revealed that the district is currently in need of over 10 billion shillings to enable the district work on its submerged roads.


According to authorities a total of 10 roads have been submerged by the rising water levels in Lake Kyoga and continued rainfall.


Speaking to media at Serere District headquarters on Tuesday 19th October 2021, the Chief Administrative Officer Serere District, Gabriel Ataama noted with concern that the submerged roads have not only limited access to the cut off areas but also affected business between the affected areas.


He said that the affected roads are found in the sub counties bordering Lake Kyoga.


He has called upon the central government to respond to their request noting that if so is done, it will help in boosting trade.


Mr. Ataama also said that at least a total of 14 roads under NUSAF III have been successfully completed, one road under DANIDA and three under Uganda Road Fund.


Other works include the 13.7 KMs distressed Kateta – Acomia – Pingire road and Emergency works on 4.2 KMs Kabulabula – Atuuria road and 2KMs Kagwara Forest – Kachorombo road.


He further revealed that all the road works have been done under the cost recommended by Uganda Road Fund.


He also cited some challenges including delay in funds delivery, inadequate knowledge by the general public in knowing the project management cycle among others.


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