Serere Fishing Community Is Better Off With Me As Sector Minister – Hellen Adoa


By John Ogulei




The State Minister for Fisheries and Serere Woman Member of Parliament has told this website that Serere Fishing community that includes fishermen and consumers is better now than before her appointment.


Hellen Adoa was over the weekend responding to accusations that she has failed to support Serere fishermen.


The allegations have largely been spread by some opposition members. Minister Adoa said the opposition people in Serere are envious of her appointment as Minister.


“Opposition and My opponents in particular are dwelling on lakes because of envy. They are jealous that within a short time I have been in Parliament, the President appointed me Minister. People need to differentiate between politics and jealousy. When I was elected in 2016 two years down the road, the same people told voters that I could not be appointed because I wasn’t educated, so that is jealousy” said Adoa.


“I know what the Fisherman needs and I have already designed and presented to cabinet and President Museveni on how the fishermen can be handled and how it can be a powerful industry for this country. Fisheries is not like Agriculture where you have to dig, weed and harvest but with fisheries, there is already a design put by God and because of the misuse of the lakes and swamps. So I have designed the way where every Fishing community is supported with funds through SACCOs. So this is part of my Development Agenda”, Added Adoa.


She wondered as to why the issues of the lakes keep on coming during election period.


“In fact since I was appointed I am the one who has saved the lake and protect the people before I was appointed people were being beaten because the lake needed to go for a holiday,” added Adoa.


The Minister has however pledged to work closely with the fishing communities to improve on their well-being.


She has also told Serere Voters not to vote for leaders because of their political affiliations but rather need to vote for leaders who are focused in changing their livelihoods.


“I encourage the people of Teso to evaluate all those who are asking for their votes before wasting their votes. Like me I want that at the time I leave Fisheries Ministry, we should not be having Fisheries Protection Unit on Lake Kyoga but people to own and appreciate the lake,” Added Adoa.


The minister has also revealed that, with the revamping of Serere research station she is going to make sure that the station starts a fish pond demonstration farm where youth will go and get skills in fish farming.



Relatedly Adoa has tasked voters in Serere to make the best use of her being in Parliament and as minister to develop.


Adoa who spoke at length about her development agenda to Serere People once re-elected Woman Member of Parliament to represent Serere District reveals how she has managed to bring in developmental projects to the once opposition dominated district of Serere.


Adoa emerged victor in the 2016 general elections after defeating the former Secretary General of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party and now National coordinator for newly formed Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) party headed by former FDC Party President General Mugisha Muntu.


Adoa who spoke to our reporter over the weekend said, her performance in Parliament and even amongst her voters has been awesome and now tells her voters to trust her for the second term in order to achieve desired development goals for Serere people.


“I have been in Parliament for less than 3 years, you and I know that I was dragged to court that took some time but besides that what I have done for women in terms of development is commendable but it’s not what I wanted. So once reelected I am still going to train more women because there are very few women who have done very well. I need to train more to improve their livelihoods so that when I retire every woman in Serere must be living a better life,” narrated Adoa.


While likening her leadership to a pregnancy, Adoa said there was no way she was going to transfer her development agenda to another leader.


“You know when you get pregnant you can’t transfer the pregnancy to another woman until you deliver. So if you transfer then it can get problems so I feel I am pregnant of some projects for the people of Serere. The President has given me that trust, of even appointing me among millions and this means a lot and I want to use that trust for the benefit of Serere,” she said.


She said having made 11 months as a minister, she has lobbied for several projects in Serere and has fixed several Serere youths to Government jobs including among others being recruited to security forces.


“As we speak, am still lobbying for many other projects from Ministries of Agriculture, Trade, Defense, Education and health. Some church groups are going to receive over 50 heifers. You will also find that I have lobbied for over 300 million to help women groups. So my voters need to incorporate this development agenda,” Adoa told this website.

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