Single Youthful MP Drags Detractors To Court For Saying She Is Married To Kenyan Man


By John Ogulei




The National Female Youth MP who is also vying for Soroti District Woman MP Seat has sued her rivals for continuously telling the public that she is married.


Anne Adeke Ebaju who is still single and searching has filed a case of defamation against John Enomu, the Soroti City West Mayoral candidate and others for allegedly defaming and depriving her of her privacy.


Speaking to this reporter on Saturday 5th December, Ebaju said that Enomu told mourners recently that she is married to a Kenyan man and that once elected would run away and only serve the interests of her Kenyan man.


In addition, Adeke avers that Enomu and others while addressing mourners in Olio Parish Kamuda Sub County recently said that Adeke wasn’t a born of Soroti District and that she isn’t eligible to contest or vote in Soroti.


It’s alleged that Enomu repeatedly referred to Adeke as a nephew in Soroti and that electing her wouldn’t be right.


In her plea, Adeke now wants Court to address the matter saying this is totally defamatory.


“I sometimes even now fear to stand in front of people because whenever I meet them they say they told us you are married to a Kenyan go contest in Kenya,” a sorrowful Adeke said.


Adeke a lawyer by profession and a born of Orimai in Asuret Sub County also accuses Enomu and others for telling lies that she was too young to represent the people of Soroti, an allegation she now wants court to look into.


Without divulging other details, Adeke wants the Soroti High Court Judge Justice Wilson Musalu Musene to award her costs because her dignity as a woman has been defamed.


She also avers that it may now become difficult for her to get a husband because men might shy away because her opponents have told them that she is married to a Kenyan man.


“My brother, even you, you will not approach me again because you fear,” Adeke told this reporter during an interview insisting that her rival must prove that she is married.


She called on her opponents to desist from defamatory statements.

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