Sironko Residents Resort To Hand Hoes To Rehabilitate UNRA Road


By Wetondo Denis Julius




Residents of Sironko district have been forced to use hand hoes to repair an impassable 33 kilometre Nalugugu, Budadiri, Namagumba circular road.

The road is the only link between Sironko district and Mbale mother district and is under Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA).


Christopher Kizamba from Buwalasi Sub County says that during this rainy season, the road has become too impassable due to pot holes and mud.


He adds that the road has stayed for now three years without any rehabilitation which has put it in the worst situation.


Stephen Wachaya from Bukusege town council says the road has turned into death spot of passengers whereby every day they register either one vehicle or motorcycle death accident.


He adds, that as residents, they have tried to raise the complaint to Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) Mbale region office but they respond by saying that works of tarmacking the road are underway so no need of repairing it.


He adds that Sironko is one of the food basket districts in Bugisu which serves Mbale city but farmers are now facing challenges in transporting their agricultural products to Mbale city for sale.


Wambede also says that most of their perishable agricultural products like Irish potatoes, onions, cabbages are rotting from gardens due to lack of good road for transporting them to the market at Mbale city which forced them to repair with hand hoes.


However, George Nsonko, the station engineer UNRA Mbale area has cautioned residents against carrying out any maintenance works on a government road describing it as illegal.


He adds that works for maintaining that road is going to kick off in the next week urging them to be calm.

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