Soroti City Police on Spot over Disappearance Of Boda Boda’s Bajaj

By Steven Enatu




Police in Kengere Ward, Soroti City have courted the anger of Boda Boda riders who are accusing them of leading to the disappearance of their colleague’s motorcycle.


To express their anger, the boda-boda riders in Soroti City East, Kengere Ward today 2nd June 2021 marched to the office of the Resident City Commissioner Soroti City, Robert Adyama.


The riders want the RCC to intervene in what they call negligence by the Officer In-Charge Kengere Police Post, an act that led to the disappearance of their colleague’s Bajaj.


According to a narration from one Okiror Pius who used to ride the disappeared motorcycle, on Sunday 30th May 2021, Joseph Ariu came to him at the stage and asked to be given a motorcycle to go and check on his sick wife.



Upon reaching home, Ariu found police from Kengere Police Post who then dragged him to police together with the motorcycle as a suspect of an unknown case.  Okiror says that the motorcycle was allegedly given out to a stranger who never delivered it to the stage.


Stephen Otai, one of the boda boda riders at Moru-Apesur confirms Okiror’s narrative saying the motorcycle never reached the stage and its whereabouts are not known.


The angry riders told the RCC that police at Kengere Ward have refused to help them and so have Police at Soroti Central Police Station.



Adyama condemned the incident saying the Officer In charge Kengere Ward should have kept the motorcycle at the police station instead of giving it out to a stranger.


He said the matter will be investigated at his level now and the motorcycle shall be delivered back to Kengere Police Post where other matters shall be handled from.

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