Soroti City Woman MP Spends 30 Million in “Clean City, Green City” Campaign

By John Ogulei




The Soroti City Female Legislator who also doubles as the vice chairperson Teso Parliamentary Group, Joan Alobo Achom has over the weekend distributed aprons to all traders in Soroti City worth 30 Million Uganda Shillings.


In her campaign dubbed “Clean City, Green City”, the MP says the distributed items will go a long way in helping the business community maintain the cleanliness in the city.


According to Alobo during her tenure as Member of Parliament, she wants to make sure that Soroti city that was once ranked among the cleanest towns in East Africa retains its former glory.


The FDC Iron lady also cautioned the people of Soroti against using politics to fail development programs.


Her comment came barely two weeks after Police in Soroti denied her access to Soroti City Central Main Market.


“It’s not nice for us to do politics even during the time of service delivery. It’s so disappointing that few individuals have failed to differentiate between a development program and politics,” Alobo said.


She also warned the people of Soroti against listening to political propaganda but instead focus on changing their households.


“Propaganda is one of the deadliest syndromes killing our society. I want to call upon all the people of Soroti to focus on Development. Sitting in streets rumor mongering isn’t helpful. I also want to caution the youth against abuse of drugs,” Alobo noted.


The MP also while addressing different gatherings within the city urged the People of Soroti to get vaccinated to enable full reopening of the economy.


“The myths surrounding the COVID-19 jab are not true. I want to call upon the people of Soroti to get vaccinated,” she repeatedly said.

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