SOROTI School Heads Ask for More Teachers


By Steven Enatu




School authorities have asked government to consider recruiting more teaching staff as they teach amidst stringent covid19 guidelines that require learners to be put in streams to avoid crowds.

This was raised by Aida Alimo the Head teacher Nakatunya Primary school while in an interview with our reporter yesterday 3rd March 2021at the school premise.

According to Alimo, the ministry of Education in conjunction with ministry of health developed guidelines to be observed by schools when students resume.  She however expressed fear in the implementation especially of not overcrowding learners in one class.

She said as Nakatunya Primary school, the primary six class has an enrollment of 206 pupils which requires about 20 streams and therefore a call for more teaching staff as each stream would require a teacher to be in for learning activities as per the timetable.

Alimo said that the school is currently operating in 8 classes for the enrollment of 70 pupils who have reported in p.6

“For now we are covering all the streams because not all of them have reported, we however have a challenge when it comes to teachers to handle some departments, some departments have more teachers than the rest” she said.

She added that parents are still coming to register their children in government schools though the begging enrollment was poor.


“Many parents are picking their children from private schools to Government schools because of money issues,” she said.

Government earlier last month cleared semi candidate classes to resume studies on the 1st March 2021 while observing the standard operating procedures as the country awaits for a vaccine.

However the resumption of semi candidate classes have so far been characterized by poor enrollment and non-compliancy from parents in providing learners with scholastic materials.

Some have not paid food for their children to eat at school and yet the guidelines also do not allow learners to move out or allow in people who sell food items.

Head teacher Nakatunya said parents at her school agreed to pay at least shs75,000 at school towards lunch for their children to restrict unnecessary movement however very few have paid.


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