Speaker Kadaga To Fasten Tororo Conflict Resolution Through Parliament


By Matthew Okello




The Speaker of Parliament has disclosed that she can no longer hide the pain she has for the people Tororo county North and South constituencies in regards to their demand for a separate district from the people of West Budama North and South.


Rebecca Kadaga noted that she sent a group of people last year to the colonial archive in London with the purpose of finding the colonial maps that she expected would seal the Tororo conflicts however she remains shocked that no report has so far been made in line to the visit.

The Speaker was speaking during the fundraising ceremony of Kalachi Catholic Church in Apetai parish, Mukuju Sub County last weekend.

She promised the people of Tororo County North and South constituencies that she was going to pressurize the President through parliament to resolve the Tororo issue.

Kadaga further revealed that she has written several letters to the President in regards to Tororo conflicts but no response has so far been made to her by the President.


She also told the people of Tororo County that on several occasions, she has invited the Minister of Lands who was in charge of the London team to present the London report before parliament but the minister has repeatedly deliberately refused to present the report before parliament.


The speaker then wonderered why the London report is being hidden at the expense of the people of Tororo County who have gone as far as boycotting civic elections due to the delay.


Kadaga made these statements after receiving a petition from Tororo county councilor’s caucus handed in by the caucus chairperson, Rodger Imiluk.

In the petition, the councilors demanded that the London report be made public, the report also be tabled in parliament and Tororo district be divided into two using the colonial boundaries.


Earlier in the same function, the Iteso Cultural Union Prime Minister, Paul Sande Emolot thanked the Speaker for being considerate to the people of Tororo County.

He said that before she became ill early this year, many people of Tororo County bought television sets to watch how she was continuously giving MPs from Tororo chance to articulate their issues.


Emolot also brought to the knowledge of the Speaker that they are currently under tension geared by ICU subjects who are demanding for the London report showing that Tororo Municipality is in Tororo County.


The Prime Minster told the Speaker that any attempt by government to resolve Tororo issues will lead to permanent peace in the county.