Officials from President’s Office Start Countrywide Monitoring of PDM Progress

By Benjamin Epeduno




Officials from the President’s office are in a countrywide assessment of the Parish Development Model (PDM) progress whose implementation seems to be delaying at the local administrative units (Districts), Municipalities and cities.


Mr. Gilbert Okello, a Senior Economist in the office of the President on 7th October 2021 said that, in Katakwi, Amuria, Soroti, Kaberemaido, Kalaki and other seven Districts that make up Teso, a lot has been done and calls upon leaders in different capacities to continue making the public understand basics of PDM.


Okello said many teams have been set off to different regions to ascertain the progress of PDM and report back to the State House with immediate effect with enough information.


“In each District that we visited, we handed over 6 books of the NRM Manifesto so that key heads at the District read and understand it well,” Okello added.


The new baby or the scheme called Parish Development Model (PDM) is on steady progress in Katakwi and so far seven million and seven hundred thousand shillings (7,700,000) has been dispatched to each of the one hundred and nine (109) SCACCOS or (parishes), yet there are one hundred and thirty-one parishes (131). The twenty-two (22) parishes are unconsidered in the meantime, according to the report from the commercial officer, Patrick Todi who aids in the monitoring of the PDM.


The RDC for Katakwi Rtd. Maj Godfrey Katamba said they shall have 50percent of 100M promised to be added to 7.7M, plus the balance of 9.3m adding that, the money has not been tempered with at the moment.


“The PDM will succeed because it’s not like EMYOOGA, whoever does not embrace this government initiative,  39% of the population who produce for their stomachs or subsistence farming be encouraged to do commercial farming,” Maj. Katamba said.


The launch of the Parish Development Model was done by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on 26th February 2022 in the Eastern District of Kibuku.


On Tuesday 15th of February 2022, the Minister of Local Government Hon. Raphael Magezi in a sitting presided by the then Deputy Speaker of Parliament, now the Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Anita Annet Among said, the launch of 490billion shillings is aimed at eradicating poverty through execution of development activities at the parishes across the country.


The PDM with its seven (7) pillars that include; production, infrastructure, and economic services, financial inclusion, social services, mind-set change, parish based management information system and governance and administration is a current new baby in the government hands so far, when you play with it, hot water will be poured on you that requires a long recovery from you as you treat it.


The priority commodities for the Parish Model include; Coffee, Cotton, Cocoa, Cassava, Tea, Vegetable Oils (Inc. Oil Palm), Maize, Rice, Sugar, Avocado, Shea- Nut, Cashew Nuts and Macadamia.


The launch needed credit co-operative societies (SACCOS) through which people will be able to obtain financing for the development.


The launch included the demonstration of the parish based management information system and commissioning of the community Tractor Scheme, a key pillar of the parish development model that seeks to boost productivity.


In a report, Uganda as a country owns ten thousand five hundred and ninety-four (10,594) parishes. The money is a revolving fund which the Ministry of local government announced that it will start with 17million per parish which every chief administrative officer knows its whereabouts.


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