Stranded Cameroon King Parades Cute Wife As He Donates Ambulances, Health Center

By Solomon Hamala


In Bugweri


The Cameroonian King yesterday thrilled residents of Bugweri when he brought alongside his beautiful wife during the handover ceremony of the two Ambulances he donated to the district.

King Rabbouni (C) arrives for the handover ceremony with his beautiful wife (L) and daughter


Souverain Rabbouni donated two ambulances to transport patients to the nearest referral hospitals.


Rabbouni handed over the two ambulances to district officials yesterday September 21 amidst cheers and ululations from locals majority of who were expectant mothers.


He said the decision to donate the two ambulances was reached after he earlier accompanied the Second Deputy Prime Minister, Kirunda Kivenjinja three months back and discovered that expectant mothers were being transported on boda boda motorcycles.


“With these rough roads expectant mothers are at a very high risk of getting complications moving on boda bodas,” he said.


The first King of Africa also facilitated the construction of Idudi health center 3 located in Buyanga sub county Bugweri district besides stocking it with medicines.


Rabbouni who was accompanied by his wife and daughter said he was proud to be in Uganda and promised to lobby for more support towards improving the health care in the district.


Kirunda Kivenjinja, urged all Cameroonians living in the country illegally to surrender to authorities voluntarily to avoid being deported.


Kivenjinja said a big number of Cameroonians sneaked into the country by passing through neighboring countries and have been staying here illegally for the past few years.


“Just because we resemble it becomes hard to differentiate them from Ugandans except from the accent,” he said.


He cautioned health authorities against abusing the ambulances by transporting bodies saying any one found guilty risks being arrested and prosecuted before courts of law.


“Unless a health official or next of kin has died it’s an offense taking dead bodies in an ambulance,” he said.


Kivenjinja said COVID 19 is a blessing in disguise because he managed to come into contact with the King of Cameroon because he got stuck in Uganda while having a stop over from China after President Yoweri Museveni put a ban on public transport as a means of containing the spread of the virus.


The District Health Officer Bugweri, Doctor Peter Muwereza said majority of expectant mothers would in most cases end up dying as a result of being transported on boda bodas for delivery.


He said medical workers at Minani health center 3 in Namalemba Sub County who had gone without pay for the past three years will soon receive their salaries after government finally resolved the problem.


The Chief Administrative Officer Bugweri, Nelson Kirenda cautioned health workers from absconding from duty without permission saying they risk being dismissed from duty in case found guilty.

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