STRANGE! Independent MP Candidate Leaves Flag Bearer Crying After Luring Entire NRM Party Structure


By John Ogulei and Cuthbert Otim




The Serere County NRM Party Flagbearer has raised a red flag accusing the incumbent and NRM leaning candidate of buying off the entire Party structure.

Phillip Oucor seen here on his wedding day

Philip Oucor who beat MP Patrick Okabe in the NRM Primaries told this website on Monday 30th November 2020, that Okabe has paid the entire NRM Party structure in Serere County.


Consequently instead of campaigning for him, the NRM Sub County Chairmen are canvassing votes for Bishop Okabe.


“The incumbent has not given a leveled ground to all candidates. For instance he has bought off all NRM party structures in the County,” Oucor said.

It must be understood that during the nomination of MP Okabe to stand as independent for Serere County, all the Five NRM Sub County Chairpersons denounced Oucor in his favor.


Besides buying off the NRM Party structure, Okabe is also accused of instigating his agents to deface, or steal the campaign posters of his rivals.


Speaking to Our reporter, the MP aspirant for Serere Count, Engineer Martine Ongurucho says his posters in different parts of the County are being defaced by supporters mostly of MP Okabe.


Okabe is severally being accused by his competitors of hiring and or encouraging his agents to deface posters of his opponents.


The race for Serere County MP seat has since turned stiff after Okabe lost the National Resistance Flag to Philip Oucor of crown beverages.


Okabe for instance is being faulted by his opponents for facilitating his supporters to deface and vandalize their campaign materials in Ochapa trading Centre where NRM’s Philip Oucor and Independent’s Martine Onguruco’s Posters were defaced.



“Am surprised that some of my opponents are doing this. My Posters in Ochapa were yesterday picked and taken away and I don’t know where they have kept my posters. This is not the first time it’s happening to me but it has been happening,” Ongurucho told this website on Monday 30th November.


“I have reported this matter to the Police that my posters in Kamurojo, Olupe and other places are being vandalized and security hasn’t yet given me any positive response, Am now just asking why me?” Wondered Ongurucho.


Ongurucho has also accused the incumbent of trying to buy off any of his supporters found dressed on his campaign T-shirts.


“I don’t know the logic behind him being interested in buying my T-shirts at a cost of 50,000/=. There is a need for us to condemn these actions. Let us play a fair game without causing harm,” added Ongurucho.


Philip Oucor, one of the affected candidates, also faults MP Okabe and his campaign team for repeatedly defacing his posters in various parts of the county citing his billboard in Ochapa Town Council.



The Serere District RDC Geoffrey Okiswa when contacted for a comment confirmed that his office had registered numerous cases of Defacing and Vandalism of Posters.


He has now called on the people of Serere to denounce such acts by few individuals.


When contacted, BP Okabe denied ever participating in the defacement of his rivals’ posters.

“First am in Kampala so how can I deface posters. And it is well known that my agents are disciplined,” Okabe said before revealing that Oucor is being tormented by his own agents whom he did not pay.


“It is possible the disgruntled agents he used during primaries and he failed to pay are the ones tearing his posters. There are so many who are not happy with him,” Okabe told this website.



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