Suspect In The Killing Of Man For Harboring His Adulterous Brother, Arrested


By Judith Nasenya




A major suspect thought to have strangled to death a man for allegedly housing a brother who had eloped with his wife has been arrested.


Apollo Bulalina was this morning 17th February 2021 arrested at Light Cell, Napoli Ward in Nauyo/Bugema Town Council working in a construction site.


Bulalina who severally warned Wamoto (the adulterer) and brother to the deceased (Moses Kimwero) was husband to the woman who had eloped with Wamoto.


Bulalina is currently detained at Mbale Central Police Station for questioning as police continues with investigations.

According to the OC CID Nauyo police station, Julius Byansi, Bulalina had also claimed that his wife fled their matrimonial home with his Shs1m which he wanted back.


A day before the gruesome murder, the same Bulalina had warned the Wamoto’s promising dire consequences if his wife and money was not returned back.


That night, Moses Kimwero, 51 was murdered.


A neighbor who discovered the lifeless body told this reporter that he became suspicious when it reached 8:00AM and the deceased’s door was still closed.


“I pushed the door open only to find my neighbor dead and lying on the floor,” the neighbor who asked to be anonymous said.


The son to the deceased narrated to police that he heard his father cry at night but when he got out, the crying had stopped, so he went back to his house. In the morning, he moved to work only to be informed a few hours later that his father had been killed.


However, witnesses say the deceased could have been killed mistakenly. They say, the target was actually Wamoto, his brother who had eloped with another man’s wife and was living with him in the same house.


However, at the time of the murder, Wamoto and the woman he eloped with were not in the house.


According to CID officer, Nauyo Police Station, Julius Byansi, preliminary investigations show that the deceased was strangled.


“We found nail marks on the late’s neck and there were signs of a struggle in the room,” Byansi said.

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