TANNA IS LIKE BOBI WINE – Panicky Mukula Tells Museveni In Petition



Flight Captain, Mike Mukula, Eastern Uganda Region NRM Vice Chairman elect has written to President Museveni warning that Sanjay Tanna is easily another Bobi Wine.

Sanjay Tanna gave Mukula a run for his money in the recently concluded NRM CEC elections. Although Tanga Odoi’s NRM Electoral Commission declared Mukula winner, Team Sanjay Tanna has since disputed the results and petitioned President Museveni.


Tanna highlighted gross irregularities in the way the election was handled as far as his candidature was concerned.


He highlighted intimidation of his voters, the racial card that was openly used by Mukula, use of non-registered delegates to vote for Mukula, manipulation of his would be illiterate voters by district registrars to vote for his opponent.


Above all, Sanjay Tanna won 75% of the vote in Eastern Uganda, a constituency of representation. The petition presented to President Museveni who is also the National Chairman of the NRM Party therefore asks a pertinent question; can Mukula have the moral authority to preside over a region that overwhelmingly voted against him?


To this effect, Mukula who says he never received a copy of Tanna petition has petitioned the President over the Tanna petition.


In his petition dated 27th August, 2020, Mukula says he has irrefutable evidence that Tanna was heavily funded by the Indian Community to ascend to the highest Policy making organ of NRM. This he said was akin to the rise of Bobi Wine, with a well-crafted plan of using Kyandondo East as a Launchpad for State House.


“What is the agenda of the backers of my brother, the Hon. Sanjay Tanna’s financiers in the internal elections of NRM and more so in CEC?” Mukula poses a question in his petition.


“This is a signal that our security network and systems must take keen interest in, to ensure that we do not have another “Bobi Wine syndrome” in the internal politics of National Resistance Movement,” he concludes.


Mukula also faults CEC for allowing Tanna to contest against him in the first place.


Mukula avers that Sanjay Tanna is not a registered NRM member (This was refuted by the Tanna Team when they shared his registration number in the media – ED), that Tanna has not risen through the Party structures but only came from nowhere to contest for the highest decision making organ of the Party.


In his usual sectarian remarks, Mukula said he believes the NRM Party must be seen as Pan African, where African problems must be solved by Africans.


So according to him, Sanjay Tanna should not have been permitted to contest in the first place.


Now President Museveni has two petitions on his table; the first presented by Team Tanna over the election irregularities and the Mukula petition ideally telling the President not to entertain the Tanna Petition.


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