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Teso Celebrated Writer Speaks Out On Uganda’s Poor Reading Culture


By Steven Enatu




Teso celebrated writer has decried Uganda’s poor reading saying it is important for the reading culture to improve for development to take place.


Regina Amollo who retired from nursing in 2009 revealed this in an interview with our reporter ahead of her a new book “When God Is With Us” launch.


According to Amollo, the reading culture in Uganda is very poor and this has affected the standard of education in schools and institutions.


She emphasized that reading culture needs to be reviewed if the country is to develop because its important in recreating the mind-set of individuals to imagine, create and think innovatively.

“In Africa and Uganda, we need jobs and it is innovation that can help us to come around, thinking better and getting those ideas that can help us and our communities,” Amollo noted.


Amollo noted that lack of public libraries and novels in schools have also greatly contributed to the poor reading culture.


“As a writer, sometimes I move with my books to public places and display them but not even a single person comes to ask how much it costs, they only feel the look,” she said.


Now in her late 60’s Amollo narrates that she started writing with her first novel, A Season of Mirth, in 1976. The book explores male chauvinism and women’s oppression in Uganda.


After retiring from nursing in 2009, she has published several other books, including ‘When Mother Leaves Home’ and ‘The Pain of Borrowing.’


She wrote a two-volume primer for the Kumam language, Pwonyo Isoma Itabu Me Agege, and published an anthology of stories by women writers entitled Those Days in Iganga. And now she has a new book ‘When God is with us.’


Despite the poor reading and writing culture that has affected her vision in writing financially, the passionate writer nurse by training is still not giving up on writing.


“I am still positive that one day the writing and reading culture will pick up in Uganda,” she said.


Regina Amollo was born in Kaberamaido in North-Eastern Uganda. She attended Lwala St Mary’s Girls’ Primary School, Mt St Mary’s College, Namagunga and Mulago School of Nursing and Midwifery.


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