Teso Leaders Using Us Like Condoms -Scorpion The Man

Scorpion performing in Kampala recently!

SOROTI: Renowned Teso artist, Moses Opio a.k.a Scorpion the man (stage name) commonly known as “ekenyai” a local name that came out of his hit called point blank has blasted some Teso leaders for using artists like condoms.

Scorpion the Teso Artist

In an interview with eastnews wire on Friday 03/05/2019 in Soroti Municipality, Scorpion The Man shared with our reporter about his music career and obstacles that are making Teso music grow sluggishly.

Eastnews: Hello

Scorpion The Man: Hey

Eastnews : You are an artist as well as a music producer, how do you think other artists feel about you?

Scorpion The Man: Not all people will always appreciate what you do, to me those who think that am good will always come looking for me and they will appreciate me for my work as others look on.

Eastnews : What challenges do you face being both an artist and a producer?

Scorpion The Man: It’s not easy since I always have to over work myself and there is pressure from some artists and others even come when they are not prepared.

Eastnews:  How do you try to overcome such challenges?

Scorpion The Man: I always balance my time. Once am inside the studio, I do studio work and when am outside, I work on my own raw projects.

Eastnews :As a producer, what do you think of Teso music?

Scorpion The Man: Teso music has tried to move to another level but jealousy from some people, disunity and some people’s attitudes is what is making Teso music fail to grow faster. This is worsened by absence of good promoters.

Eastnews: What do you think can be done to overcome such issues?

Scorpion The Man: May be the next generation will be good but setting up a good platform will also be good like for example a tv station so that videos will be promoted and having good music promoters.

Eastnews: What do you think of Teso leaders, have they played a part too in promoting Teso music?

Scorpion The Man: Those guys are just mean and use artistes like condoms that are later thrown away; they don’t mind about the hustle that artists go through.

Eastnews: How about the available music promoters in Teso, do you think they are good?

Scorpion The Man: That question would be good for some artists who have promoters.

Eastnews: Does it mean that you don’t have a promoter?

Scorpion The Man: I don’t have any. The problem with promoters is that they  segregate.

Eastnews: Do you also want a promoter?

Scorpion The Man: In case there would be any who can comply with my terms and conditions.

Eastnews: Do you have a manager?

Scorpion The Man: (Giggles) Yeah I have two managers and that’s Enyiku Bob and Isaac.

East News: How are they?

Scorpion The Man: Those guys are not easy because they squeeze the little that I have.

Eastnews: There is a lot of young talent coming up, what do you think of them?

Scorpion The Man: Many come and go. Some of them sing abusive songs which don’t take them anywhere, but otherwise they are good.

Eastnews: Of recent you surprised fans when you appeared on stage with Uganda’s renowned comedian, Alex Muhangi in Kampala and you even performed on stage, how did you get that deal?

Scorpion The Man: Alex was once in some party that was in Bukedea district and he was accompanied by producer Washington so he liked my performance and I was linked to him by producer Washington, that’s how I got that deal and i have hopes of going back again since am a senior and I shall be the first and the last.

Eastnews: How can other artists also get such deals?

Scorpion The Man: Sing good music and have exposure.

East News: Most of the times you are seen alone, haven’t you got your lost rib?

Scorpion The Man:  hahahahha….am contented, that’s all I can say.

Eastnews: So what plans do you have for 2019?

Scorpion The Man: I have a lot and some of them include quality videos, expanding on my fan base, work on more serious collabos and distributing my music within and beyond borders.

Eastnews: Which artists do you want to make collabos with?

Scorpion the man: With any good artist.

Eastnews: Since the year begun, how many projects have you done?

Scorpion The Man: More than five projects.

Eastnews: So how can one get in touch with you?

Scorpion The Man: That’s easy, just call; my numbers are 0773010039 and 0705097661.

Eastnews : What message do you have for the upcoming artists  out there?

Scorpion The Man: Let them fear the almighty God because it’s the beginning of wisdom.