Teso NRM District Chairpersons Abandon Mukula, Ask President Museveni To Intervene


By Our Reporters

Suzan Irene Akiror in the background entering Mukula’s home in Senior Quarters in Soroti City on 7th January 2021




The National Resistance Movement (NRM) party chairpersons in Teso Sub region are vowing to abandon their Eastern Uganda Regional Vice Chairperson Capt. Mike Mukula for breaching party’s rules and constitution.


The warning was sounded on Sunday 24th January, 2021 by the group headed by Charles Elasu also Soroti District NRM Chairman at Hursey Resort in Soroti City.



Elasu, the group’s regional coordinator and the chairman of NRM chairpersons in Uganda said they will abandon Mukula because he secretly supported non-party flag bearers and worked in isolation in the recently concluded Presidential and Parliamentary general elections.


“If Mukula doesn’t come to work with us we are willing to abandon him and work for a different leader of another region. We can decide to Work with Karamoja or any other region if he is not going to work with us,” said Elasu.


He added that, the cliques that have been instigated by the Party’s top big wigs in Teso have made NRM lose over 10 MP seats in the region.


Elasu who endorsed Mukula’s candidature for the region’s vice chairman in last year’s NRM polls further added that, his relationship with Mukula has worsened after he refused to follow what they told him as leaders if they were to secure victory for all NRM flag bearers.


John Richard Opio, Katakwi District NRM Chairperson and the spokesperson for NRM Chairpersons of Teso said internal contradictions in the Party are eating up the Party in the region and has affected the NRM flag bearers at all levels.


Without mentioning names, Opio said the big wigs within the Party leadership ended up fighting the flag bearers because of their selfish desires.


Opio urged the Party’s top leadership to desist from suffocating the lower carders and being individualistic.


He also revealed that, whereas the Party has its internal contradictions, the Teso vote was also partly disorganized by Amuriat’s candidature and now asks government to recognize Teso as a sub region saying Teso disowned Amuriat in favor of President Elect, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.


Isaac Okello Omiat, the Amuria District Chairperson, also revealed that Museveni’s biggest problem in Teso is the NRM leaders.


“There is nobody who is an enemy to President Museveni in Teso but the big shots in Teso who are his enemies because they have continued intriguing and fighting each other.” Omiat said.


He wondered how an NRM leader can start celebrating the downfall of fellow NRM cadres.


Mukula who contested against Sanjay Tana in the NRM elections for Regional Vice Chairpersons has had a rough ride. In the elections for NRM Regional Vice Chairperson Eastern Uganda, Mukula who was eventually declared winner lost to Tanna in Eastern Uganda where the latter garnered over 75% of the vote.


The issues raised by the NRM District Chairpersons in Teso sub region were manifested in the recently concluded Parliamentary elections.


For instance, Hellen Adoa Abeku, the State Minister for Fisheries and then contestant for Serere District Woman Member of Parliament accused Mukula of financing a one independent Woman MP Aspirant, Akiror Irene Suzan.


Pictures captured by this website’s Investigative Unit showed Akiror entering the residence of Mukula in Senior Quarters, Soroti where it’s alleged that he gave her a sum of Seven Million.


Still in Serere District, Mukula openly campaigned for Elijah Okupa to retain his Kasilo County Parliamentary seat even when Fred Opolot, Akwan Owanyi and Joseph Opit all prospective NRM Party flag bearer candidates were present. This was at the burial of Okupa’s mother in Apapai Village, Toror Parish in Bugondo Sub County.


A pissed Opit was later to castigate Mukula for openly campaigning for an opposition candidate at the expense of NRM candidates. At the time Mukula campaigned for Okupa, Okupa was still an FDC member. Later Okupa stood as an Independent and retained the seat after seeing of NRM’s Edonu and Akwan Owanyi.


In Bukedea County, Mukula is again accused of supporting an Independent against NRM’s Bosco Ikojo. Ikojo like Hellen Adoa was lucky to go through.


Soroti City West’s NRM Flag bearer, Calvin Echodu is also attributing his loss to Mukula who is said to have bankrolled Ebwalu who stood as an Independent but is a renowned FDC diehard. Ebwalu is the Manager of Mukula’s Voice of Teso Radio.


Reports from Ngora district also indicate that Mukula did not support Jackline Amongin who eventually lost to FDC’s Stella Isodo. The former Minister of Education, Jessica Alupo Epel openly told off Mukula and Peter Ogwang to keep off her constituency. Eventually Alupo beat Violet Akurut


Akurut was controversially declared NRM flag bearer by the Party’s EC Tribunal overturning Alupo’s earlier declaration as flag bearer.


NRM leaders in Kween district are also not happy with Mukula after the NRM honcho met NUP defectors from Benet and promised that the he would leave money for transport with the NRM Flag bearers. As it turned out, Mukula did not leave behind any money.


The furious NUP defectors were later to put the Sanjay Tana Task Force that visited the area after literally at ‘swords point’. The same issue was raised by Butaleja defectors who accused Mukula of promising them ‘air’ in form of transport allowances.


Our information is that the defectors swore not only to return to opposition but canvass more for the opposition. This situation was only saved by Florence Nebanda, the then District Woman Member of Parliament contestant who used her own money to pay off the defectors that Mukula flew to Butaleja to receive. Nebanda eventually won the seat on NRM ticket.

Some of the NUP defectors in Butaleja on 8th January 2021. Mukula did not give them the promised facilitation

The Mukula woes are not about to end judging from the utterances of some District NRM Chairpersons yesterday.


“We are really very angry that we accepted to be duped by Mukula to support his candidature for NRM Regional Chairperson Eastern. We should have supported Sanjay like other sub regions in Eastern Uganda did,” said one of the visibly angry District Chairpersons asking this reporter to keep his identity secret.

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