Teso NRM Mobilizer Relates Mukula’s Sole Candidature Talk To Cheap Politics




The NRM Mobilizer for Teso Sub Region Teddy Acham has branded the declaration of the current NRM Vice Chairperson for Eastern Uganda Capt. Mike Mukula by a section of Teso NRM delegates as simple and cheap politics.


Speaking to eastnews.co.ug on Saturday 25th July, Ms. Acham said the decision reached by a section of few Members who had individual benefits shouldn’t be used to represent all delegates of Teso.


Mukula is facing it tough in the race to retain the CEC seat with former Tororo Municipality Legislator and business Tycoon Sanjay Tanna giving him sleepless nights.


Recently, Mukula was widely publicized by the media that he had been endorsed by Teso delegates as their sole candidate.


“Some people in NRM have started to do what they are mandated to do by the party. You cannot start declaring sole candidates for NRM positions yet people have not unanimously agreed. I want to tell you people are not happy because few people are imposing leaders on them and they are not giving them the opportunity to vote for leaders of their choice,” Acham Said.


“If the two haven’t been given opportunity to lay out their manifestos, who gives them the power to declare one candidate as sole candidate. Who are you? You don’t agree on radio or media,” She repeatedly asked.


She added that by declaring Mukula as Sole candidate it meant that there would be no elections for the position of the vice chairperson.


She also called on the media to stop circulating news that is not worthy for public attention.


“To me that was the interest of the people who were in the Widow’s Hall, not all delegates,” She echoed.


While referring the two to boyfriends, Acham said, both Mukula and Tanna need to be treated like boyfriends where a woman needs to gauge who takes care of her best.


“At the moment both Mukula and Tanna are fiancés who no nobody has yet taken. The Delegates will have to gauge them carefully before electing them. So, what was arrived at in Widow’s Hall was outright lie and cheap politics being practiced by some delegates,” she added.


Tom Okwi, the NRM Chairperson for Bukedea Town Council while at the same meeting last week in Widows Hall asked Mukula to request President Museveni to fulfill his pledge of motorcycles to all Sub County NRM chairpersons for easy mobilization.


“President Museveni promised Sub County Party Chairmen a motorcycle each and one heifer. These have not been fulfilled till now.”

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