Teso Young Leaders Forum Blame Government For Singer Ziggy Wines’ Death

Members of Teso youth Forum addressing the press at Akello Hotel in Soroti Municipality on Wednesday 7th August

By Nathan Eyagu



A section of members of the Teso Young Leaders Forum have put the death of Alinda Michael aka Singer Ziggy Wine also a People Power supporter squarely on government.


The members who converged at Akello Hotel in Soroti Municipality on Wednesday 7th August included Teso Musicians, Political Supporters and activists from different parts of Teso like Soroti, Amuria, Katakwi, Bukedea blamed government for the death of Alinda Michael aka singer ziggy wine and other injustices in the country.


Musician Ziggy Wine is suspected to have been kidnapped by unknown people tortured where his eye was plucked out and two of his fingers cut and later on dumped at Mulago National Referral Hospital by unknown people.

However, Fred Enanga, the Police Spokesperson had earlier told journalists that the deceased sustained injuries while riding his motor cycle thus leading to serious injuries that led to his death.

Singer Ziggy Wine was a known supporter of People Power, a political pressure group headed by Singer Bobi Wine aka Robert Kyagulanyi who is also the Member of Parliament for Kyandodo East, a constituency found at the heart of Uganda’s Capital, Kampala.


Pascal Amuriat, a former contestant as a Mayor in Soroti Municipality said that government had assured citizens of CCTV cameras some of which are at the northern by pass which is full of Crimes but nothing good is happening.

He also added that Enanga should resign from his position as the Police Spokesperson instead of lying to citizens using the national media that the late died after sustaining injuries from an accident.


“What happened to our brother Ziggy Wine makes us as artists to feel like we don’t have to be part of any political party. And we now feel unsafe because it’s a signal to musicians that if you are not careful, you may be the next person to die.” Singer Opoi Julius commonly known as Mr. Oj said.


“It’s a pity to lose such an asset, a tax payer. Because this has happened to an artist so it may happen to anyone else, may his soul rest in peace,” Singer Bonny King said in an agonising voice.


He added that “because the way Ziggy Wine was killed wasn’t good that shows that there isn’t any security in Uganda and we are now afraid of supporting any political party of our own choice following what has happened because we don’t know who is next.”


Paul Onyoyet, an Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Political Activist from Katakwi district said that the state should be having a hand in Ziggy’s death because it’s not the first time. He said that in Katakwi, about 1000 people were displaced allegedly by Karamojong but till now no one has been arrested meaning that government had a hand in this even after the issue of the land wrangles was solved.


“This country needs equal treatment, how can an accident remove some one’s eye even without any bruises, fingers cut and later on dumped at the hospital by unknown people?” Onyoyet asked.


Andrew Omiat of the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party told journalists that When Kavuma, Bobi Wines driver was shot dead, there hasn’t been any accountability. For that reason he believes that singer Ziggy Wine too died for what he believed in.

“Our youth are suffering that even during the recent recruitment of Local Defence Units (LDU’s) bribes had to be paid. Youth should reverse this kind of treatment. We as young people should protect the constitution and ourselves. How did he reach their? Because even a Good Samaritan would have turned up in such a situation.” Omiat said.


“We as the future mothers are feeling pain, these are tax payers they are killing, as citizens, government should allow us to support any political party of our choice but not forcing us to support a party of its interest.” Grace Tino an activist from Kumi district said.


“As mothers of this country, we are bound to be single mothers, boys are dying, we demand accountability.” Amoding Immaculate said with teary eyes.


Gospel singer, John Francis Angiro also blamed government for using them as Teso Artists to campaign for the President during the 2016 general elections but later on paid pea nuts as other artists from other areas in the country were paid well.