Tororo Senior NRM Leader Quits Party For People Power, Eyes Municipality MP Seat


TORORO: The Eastern Division Speaker in Tororo Municipality has quit the NRM party over what he calls unfulfilled pledges by party leaders serving within the Tororo Municipality.

Deogratious Emojong who declared his stand on Tuesday 7th May said that they were promised a lot during campaigns by the NRM leaders most especially the Tororo Municipality MP Apollo Yeri and Mayor John Opio but ever since they assumed those positions, the Municipality youths have benefited nothing at all.

Emojong said that despite MPs receiving Shs29 million to consult their constituents over the age limit debate, his MP Apollo Yeri never surfaced anywhere in Tororo Municipality yet when voting he claimed that the people of his constituency okayed the passing of the controversial law.

Emojong after quitting NRM party declared his intentions to contest in 2021 as the Tororo Municipality Member of Parliament in the People Power umbrella to curb the injustices laid upon the youth and the people of Tororo Municipality.

Immediately after his declaration, Emojong was joined by youths who say that their main cause of joining politics is due to ungrateful incumbents who are unfaithful to promises they made to the youths.

Manyadi Al- Jamal Jayz alias Rapper Jayz who joined Emojong says he is doing so after being abandoned by the current MP whom he says is after growing his business empire than the populace.

Manyadi says that their MP has had several audiences with the President while in Kyakwanzi but no Tororo youths have ever received anything from the President to date.