Tororo Sub County Chiefs are Substandard- CAO

By Matthew Okello



The Tororo district chief administrative officer Dunstan Balaba has recommended capacity building of sub county chiefs and town clerks on basic administrative skills like report writing, minute taking and speech writing.

Balaba noted that he has been going through different council minutes and reports written by some sub county top technical leaders that have been marred by poor grammatical errors, punctuations and unethical presentations.

To avoid humiliating the district at different levels, the CAO has said he is hoping to organize for a training of the sub county chiefs and the clerks of town councils where they will be equipped with primary skills on report, minute and speech writing.

Balaba who was speaking during a meeting he had organized to absorb challenges faced by the lower local administrators yesterday said that once addressed, is going to address service delivery challenges in Uganda.


The CAO also took the meeting to ask sub county technical officers to have a good cordial working relationship with the politicians so that the sub county peaceful to trigger development.


The CAO wondered why a technical officer can pick up a quarrel with a politician and members of council instead of giving guidance and necessary responses to the politicians who are mandated to supervise them.


Balaba also lashed at the sub county chiefs and town clerks who have become tyrants and ring fenced their offices where locals and co-workers fear to approach them on key community issues hence he pleaded with them to form more of a symbiotic relationship with the political wing and the community more so in terms of timely giving of information and accountability on local revenues.


The CAO also told the sub county chiefs that he is tired of getting disaster occurrence reports in different sub counties from area MPs based in Kampala and yet it’s their sole responsibility. He then directed to adopt the culture of timely reporting of disaster occurrence in their different administrative units.


Following the rampant land wrangles in community, the CAO asked the chiefs to always seek the district input before releasing any government land to any entity.


He also announced that the district has currently prioritized the surveying and titling of their different lands and so far, the district has more 30 land titles.


The sub county chief of Kayoro Robert Ikibo asked the CAO to equally organize a training for the sub county chairpersons, speakers and committee chairpersons because some of them are overstepping their mandates. This idea was quickly bought by the CAO who promised to organize the training.


Meanwhile the sub county chiefs on the other asked the CAO to superintend over the slow contracts procurement that are later released late, an act that forces the chiefs to work under pressure.


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