Tororo’s Only Tribal Conflict Panacea Is Co-Existence – Government

Kirunda Kivejinja at the Women Expo in Tororo on Sunday

The only solution to the tribal conflict between the Jopadhola and Iteso of Tororo district is co- existence.

This was revealed by the 2nd Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of East African Affairs, Al Hajji Kirunda Kivejinja.

The Premier was speaking during a cross border Women In Business Trade Expo organised by of the office of the Ugandan High commissioner to Kenya, Amb. Phibby Otaala on Sunday 5th May. The expo that brought together women from Kenya and Uganda was held at Lion’s children’s park Tororo.

When asked about the solution to Tororo conflict, the Premier said that there is no quick solution to the Tororo problem but rather the Jopadhola and the Iteso to realize the need for togetherness.

He emphasized that the two communities should embrace one another and live in harmony. Kiveijinja said that it’s right for brothers to disagree but they must have ways of solving issues and remain in unity adding that with the East African integration, the issue is no longer a problem to the government.

He condemned the act of the two communities fighting for Tororo Rock saying that it carries no value to quarrel for nature’s creation for which man has no power and control.

Kinjinja who also spoke broadly on the benefits of East African cooperation asked the two countries, Uganda and Kenya to unite the population living along the border whom he says share the same culture adding that if they embrace each other, integration will become a reality.

He also threatened to crush anybody who intends to cause confusion at the border towns with aims of paralyzing business within the cooperation jurisdiction.

Kiveijinja called upon women to rise up and take positions in different businesses noting that government incorporated women in their development plan because they constitute over 50% of the country’s population.

Meanwhile, the Kapchorwa Woman, MP Rukia Chekamondo asked women to work hard in order to attract steady progress in their households adding that when women are strong at work, the Nation’s effort towards progress is undoubted.