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UNBELIEVABLE? ISO Operative, Odongo Forged Evidence Linking Kayihura To Kaweesi Murder

(SOURCE: Ugandan Dailies)


Simon Peter Odongo, an ICT expert at the Internal Security Organisation (ISO) is the man in the news.


On Wednesday, Honorable Elijah Okupa, the Member of Parliament for Kasilo County rose on a matter of national importance and informed Parliament that a one Simon Peter Odongo was being held incognito.


He told the House that despite court’s order that Odongo who had been arrested by ISO be produced in court, the latter was still under detention.


“Moreover information from family members is that Odongo has severely been tortured. An instrument was pushed inside his anus and penis. The family is now worried that the failure by the army to produce Odongo in court is because he could be dead.” Okupa told the House.


“Can government including the Attorney General tell us what this Ugandan has done to deserve this treatment,” Okupa asked later on imploring Gen. Wamala Katumba who was in the House to intervene.


The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga then ordered the Attorney General, William Byaruhanga to report to the House the following day, Thursday.


Fast forward, Byaruhanga reported to the House and when the issue came up on the order paper, he said he had just been informed by Okupa about the issue and was going to follow it up.


However, media reports show that Odongo was the same Thursday hurriedly produced before the Army Court Martial in Bombo.


In Bombo, there was panic at Bombo military hospital in Luwero District after the bedridden ISO contractor Simon Odongo collapsed before an urgent military court martial.


Simon Odongo had been picked from the military hospital to the military court which travelled from Kampala to Bombo in order to charge him despite a court in place which had earlier ordered his captors to present him before the High Court in Kampala on Wednesday.


According to the family, they were informed in the morning by the In-charge Bombo Military hospital a one Doctor Ochen to go with an ambulance and pick Simon and take him to another hospital as directed by the court order.


Dr. Ochen asked them to go with only the ambulance because the patient cannot move using another vehicle as he is in bad shape after he was shot by a police officer a one D/ASP Benon Ayebare, according to the family.


“After being told by Dr. Ochen, we mobilized an ambulance and rushed to Bombo. On reaching there they turned around and said that they have not received any radio message from Mbuya to release any patient”.


It was then that they were informed that the military court martial was coming to Bombo to charge him. The court had not charged him because its term of office had expired.


The court was able to sit at 3PM and Odongo was brought on a stretcher and charged with possession of fire arms and military uniforms. He denied all the charges.


Family members who were present say Odongo who is in a very bad shape collapsed 3 times during the session.


Odongo informed them that while in hospital, officers continue to bring to him a written confession to sign and pin ISO Director General Col Kaka Bagyenda on various fake cases.


Odongo says they assure him that once he accepts and pins Kaka, he will be released as a free man.


One of the cases they want him to sign is pinning Kaka on fake report against Kale Kayihura in Andrew Felix Kaweesi murder.


However, Odongo says he would rather die than signing a fake confession against Kaka to be taken to the President.


The family says the reasons for his captors not to obey all court orders is to make Odongo’s health worsen such that he is scared of his life and accepts to pin his employer.


“It is clear now these people are looking for Kaka, Odongo is a scapegoat but a big target is Kaka and his office. All they ask is sign and pin Kaka”.


However recent media reports point to Odongo for fabricating and extorting big shots in government with fake tapes.


An ISO operative, Alfred Idusso recently said in a leaked resignation letter that Odongo’s team concocts and circulates audio tapes and WhatsApp conversations to frame people.


Idusso cited a fabricated audio tape used by ISO to frame former IGP Gen Kale Kayihura in the murder of ex AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi.


“This tape was created in that lab, and what is worse is that Mr. Odongo didn’t pay those boys. He told them that you (Kaka) commissioned that job and now they’re looking for ‘DG ISO” for their payment,” said Idusso in the leaked dossier.


Odongo came into the limelight in 2018 when he claimed to have tapped conversations of former police chief Kale Kayihura and his protégé, Herbert Muhangi on how they allegedly plotted the killing of Andrew Felix Kaweesi.



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