We Are Ready To Crush Instigators Of Violence – General Odongo


By John Ogulei





The Minister for Internal Affairs has warned opposition politicians who are planning to cause insecurity after the January 14th 2021 polls saying they will crush any person who tries to destabilize the country.


Minister Gen. Jeje Odongo who spoke to this website yesterday 11th January 2021 afternoon at his residence in Orungo County, Amuria District, said government is well prepared to handle those who are planning to cause insecurity.


“Indeed there are very many threats indicating that all might not be well but I want to inform those people that this election has not come to us (Uganda) as a surprise and so as responsible security we have equally been preparing to hold free, fair and peaceful election,” said Gen. Odongo.


He revealed that Uganda will hold its elections in a free, fair and secure manner saying those who will be caught breaking the laws will be crushed as most Ugandans want peaceful elections.

“Police is a lead agency and it’s being assisted by other sister agencies and we are already on the ground to ensure that everybody builds confidence that there will be stability and ensure that if anybody tries to destabilize the country, we shall stop such efforts,” the Minister added.



The tough speaking minister also vowed to crush Karamojong rustlers who have continuously rustled cattle from its neighbors Iteso and Langi.


It must be understood that mid last week, at least six Karamojong rustlers who had sneaked to Kapelebyong District to rustle cattle were killed in a joint operation between police and the army.


“Traditionally it’s during this dry season that Karamojong come closer to Teso in search of water and pasture and they have always used this to raid cattle from Teso. So I want to warn the Karamojong to stop their raid on their neighbors Iteso because we shall not allow them raid the innocent Iteso.” Odongo warned.


He added that security is very ready and prepared to make sure the cattle rustling will never come back to Teso again.


The Minister also took advantage of the interview to warn journalists never to act unprofessionally during elections.

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