WHERE IS OUR EMYOOGA? Bugisu Leaders Ask Government


By Wetondo Denis Julius




Local leaders from Bugisu region are tasking government to explain the delayed release of Emyooga funds to the sub region.


Speaking to this reporter over the weekend, Moses Kutoyi, the LCIII chairperson of Nabumali Town Council in Mbale district said they have run out of excuses they give to intended beneficiaries.


He revealed that intended beneficiaries are always asking him to why the government has released money to all regions except Bugisu.


“Since we no longer have answers as leaders, we have just informed them to be patient as we consult the concerned leaders,” he said.


John Musila, the LCV chairperson of Manafwa district also told this website that as local leaders, they are lacking answers to tell their people about the delayed release of the money.

However, Ahamed Washaki, the Elgon region coordinator of Emyooga poverty alleviation government program said the delay has been caused because government first wants to issue out certificates to all registered groups which he said is in progress.


“Let people remain calm, starting next month, money will be disbursed to all registered groups in Bugisu,” Washaki said.



In August 2019, the President of Uganda Yoweri Museveni launched Emyooga, a poverty eradication program as part of government’s strategy to transform 68% of Ugandan homesteads from subsistence farming to market-oriented production.


The Ministry of finance initially allocated 140 billion shillings but the government has now finalized its allocation to the entire program with 260 billion.


According to Museveni, this money will be a revolving fund to boost entrepreneurs organized in SACCOS spanning 18 categories.


The 18 categories include women entrepreneurs, carpenters, boda bodas, salon operators, taxi operators, restaurant owners, welders, market vendors, youth leaders, Persons With Disabilities (PWDs), produce dealers, mechanics, tailors, journalists, performing artists, veterans, fishermen, and elected leaders but each SACCO will be required to have a minimum of 30 members to commence.



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