Why Teso NRM Historicals Dumped Mukula For Tanna





Over the weekend, a group of National Resistance Movement Historical’s in Teso declared Sanjay Tanna as their sole candidate for the National Vice Chairperson for Eastern Uganda.


To many this came as a surprise considering that the incumbent and candidate as well, Capt. Mike Mukula comes from Teso.


To find answers to this riddle, our reporter sought out the Historicals to prove as they say from the ‘horse’s own mouth’ whether their declaration was real.


The Saturday resolution was moved by one Andrew Gervase Akol, a speaker of the group that claims little is known about Mukula’s good deeds to them as NRM Historicals.


So we caught up with him and below are excerpts of what he said;


Akol said that Mr. Sanjay has been so instrumental in helping the NRM financially and in marketing it across the sub-region than Mr. Mukula who only works for himself.


“That Man Sanjay serves people’s interests with one heart. Can you imagine people from other constituencies in Tororo used to cross to the municipality while he was Member of Parliament to get help from him?” Akol said.


He noted: “The man is not an indigenous Ugandan but mingles with us freely and helps us like his relatives. He is a great man!”


“If the party is to grow, then we need people like Mr. Sanjay, who is not discriminative, he has the love for the NRM party, he has given and supported many people in NRM, I think he is a better candidate for us,” Akol retaliated.


Being among the group of people who has always suffered neglecting Akol reveals that they have interacted with Mr. Mike Mukula for some time but that he believes that he has failed to unite NRM in Eastern sub-region.


“I think time is up, he has played his role as a vice chairman, we appreciate it but it is time for another person. We need a person who is with us throughout like Mr. Sanjay”. Adding that, Mr. Mukula has used the party to do his business but does not help the Party at all and that it is time for him to go.


While still as a serving legislator, Sanjay was a man who was always in the field, checking on this and that, following up on a project here and there, Akol now believes that with this kind of leadership they have decided to consolidate support for Tanna who believes in developing grassroots.


He says that Tanna’s visionary leadership of supporting the Party offices that have on several occasions been locked after a general election is part of the reasons why they decided to withdraw their support from Mukula.


He also claimed that, during Mukula’s tenure as Vice Chairperson Eastern Uganda, their plea as Historicals to meet the Head of State who doubles as the Party Chair have yielded no fruits.


He said that their efforts to meet the President are frustrated by those he claimed are close to the President in Teso, Mukula inclusive.


He now believes with the coming of Tanna who is a tested and result oriented leader he can help them meet President Museveni.


Charles Oolio, the Chairperson Teso Historicals further affirmed their position to support Tanna saying Tanna is a problem solver.


He said, during Tanna’s tenure as MP Tororo, he managed to find solutions to the tribal clashes between Iteso and Japadhola.


He also said in 2014, it was Tanna’s personal intervention that saw the Iteso cultural leader, the (Emorimor) taken to India for medication and said with this kind heart from Tanna, they have decided to work with him.

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