Yes, I Beat Up The Priests For Encroaching On School Land – Minister Ecweru


By Markson Omagor




The Minister of State for Disaster Preparedness has in a radio interview defended his action of beating up Church of Uganda Priests.

Musa Ecweru also Member of Parliament for Amuria County in Amuria district is accused of beating up three Priests and Lay Readers at Wera Primary School on Saturday, 8th May 2021.


He also chased away the confirmation candidates who were gathered for instruction ahead of the confirmation ceremony at Wera Sub County the following day.


In response, the Soroti Diocese Bishop, Rev. Kosea Odongo accused Ecweru for not only attacking the Priests on Church land but also claiming the land was his.


“The land is next to Wera Sub County and there has never been any case from the Sub County against the church over the land. I wonder how Ecweru comes up claiming the land,” Bishop Odongo said.


In a related development, the Provincial Secretary C.O.U, Rev. Canon Captain William Ongeng has in a press release dated 10th May 11, 2021 claimed that Wera Sub County and the Church recently agreed on the boundaries.


“The Sub County (Wera) recently surveyed their land and agreed with the Church on the boundaries between Sub County and the Church land. There is currently no dispute or case between the Sub County and the Church of Uganda about land,” Ongeng wrote.


However, while appearing on a local radio station in Soroti City yesterday, 11th May 11, 2021, Ecweru accused the Men of God on encroaching on land allocated for the construction of Wera Seed Secondary School.


Ecweru who alleges that there are wrong elements within the Church who are using the name of the Church to carry out dubious activities, said the Church wants to annex over eight (8) acres of land from the Seed Secondary School.


“The issues of that land started at the time Bishop Erwau was the Bishop Soroti Diocese when the Church wanted to annex the 8 acres but Local leaders refused preferring instead to allocate it to Wera Seed Secondary School,” Ecweru said.


He argued that he acted because the Church men encroached on the land before a clear boundary is mapped out between the Church and the Sub County which is supposed to house the Seed School.


Ecweru now argues that he did not claim that the land was his but was defending the interests of locals against rogue elements within the Church.


The Provincial Secretary who argues that Wera Sub County has already surveyed its land in agreement with the Church, suspects Musa Ecweru assertions.


The Rev. Canon Ongeng also seems to echo the sentiments of Bishop Odongo calling upon the Appointing Authority (President Museveni) to consider dropping Ecweru from his position.


“We also call upon the government to consider the character of the elected officials before appointing them to higher positions of Service, Ugandans deserve public officials who are servant leaders not as entitled terrorists,” Ongeng concluded.

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