Zari- Diamond In Nasty Bust Up In Latest Biff

Zari, Diamond and the two kids they sired together

Zari Hassan has come out with guns blazing after Diamond did an interview on Wasafi FM claiming she cheated on him and that she blocked all avenues to see his children.

Zari rubbished Diamond’s interview saying it is gimmick to push his content.

She dared him to go ahead and keep lying if he is man enough because she will expose all his lies.

To top that up, Zari said Diamond is a deadbeat dad, who doesn’t provide “financial or emotional support for the children”.

Diamond in the interview defended himself saying, “She blocked all the avenues I could use to communicate with the kids. And again, now she has a man in her life.”

Adding, “I cannot be calling her every now and again asking her to pass the phone to my children. What would her new lover think? That, maybe, I am trying to win her back, which is not the case. That explains why I stopped visiting or communicating regularly with the children. I have, however, asked Zari to write down all the financial needs of the children, and I would be sending money direct to the [bank] accounts of those respective firms offering the services she would have listed,” said Diamond Platnumz.”

Zari set the record straight saying:

“I remember giving you the nanny’s numbers and that of the house if you ever need to call the children. Even when they kept calling asking you to call you never did even if you were texted and told that Tiffah is crying. It got to a point where you blocked them.”

Zari even revealed that Sandra Sunura – his mum – is the only one who consistently called to the point where Diamond asked that she stops posting about it because it made him look bad.

But the mum defied him

An angry Zari went on to paint the picture of how bad the situation is.

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“From my side we have forgotten you. You do not exist. You don’t have contact with the kids because you decided not to. Your ego does not let you. Emotionally financially we don’t get any support. So, I don’t understand where you get the audacity to go on national radio in your country and accuse me of having all these affairs. When you are the one who had affairs in our bed, in the house that I furnished.”

She warned, “Out of respect, stay in your lane. Do you. My mama raised me better than that. I never wanted to address the issues apart from the black rose (when she dumped him). You want to justify your wrongs by accusing me of having affairs.”

As a parting shot, Zari explained, “About the kids going to Tanzania, they couldn’t come because the last time you saw and spoke to them was in October. And you think I will throw them on a flight? That is why my lawyer asked you to come up with a parental plan.”

By Agencies