Bunyole Royals Spit Fire On Coronation Of Non-Royal As Sehulu


By Judith Nasenya




Tensions are rising high in Bunyole with the Royal Clans faction vowing never to allow the coronation of Professor Eliaz Wesana Kyomi as their Sehulu.


Sehulu is the title given to the Bunyole Cultural Leader.


As it has been the case for all Cultural Institutions in Uganda struggling for leadership save for Buganda Kingdom, rivalry has sprung up among the Banyole Cultural leaders leading to factions.


One faction is composed of royal clans (Clans with ancestors who led Banyole before Independence) and the other composed of Elites led by Professor Eliaz Wesana Kyomi.


The Prime Minister of the Royal faction, Eddy Wamusala told this reporter that Professor Kyomi knows nothing about Bunyole Culture.


“Professor Kyomi can’t even sustain a conversation in Lunyole language for 10 minutes. How can he become our Cultural leader?” Wamusala asked.


The Chairman Bunyole Royal Council, Prince Abdu Zakaria Gessa told this website this morning 9th March 2021 that the new Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Butaleja, Stanley Bayole has promised to address the matter.

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