NEW NORMAL! Married & Pregnant Pupils to Sit For P.L.E

By Justine Oteu




Pallisa district Education authorities have instructed all head teachers to ensure that all living pupils who registered for P.L.E sit for the exams.


Speaking to head teachers early this week, Jessica Ojangole, the district Inspector of Schools said even those pupils who are married and pregnant must be permitted to sit for P.L.E.


“Please head teachers, mobilize all the registered Candidates to come to sit for exams, whether pregnant or married, they have a right to sit for exams, that was COVID 19’s problem,” ojangole said.


Ojangole said Pallisa has registered a total of 6196 P.7 candidates to face P.L.E due on the 30/03/2021 to 31/03/2021.  She added that out of these, 4409 candidates got registered on government UPE scheme while 1787 registered as Private (non UPE) candidates.


She clarified that briefing of PLE field officials (Invigilators and supervisors) will be held on Thursday today, 25/03/2021 while general briefing of candidates countrywide will be done on Friday 26/03/2021.


She also calls on Parents to make some small contributions to facilitate feeding of the candidates during PLE days since government doesn’t cater for food.


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