Bugisu Youth Leaders Petition Government on Delayed Confirmation of Umkhuka

By Wetondo Denis Julius




Youth leaders from three main clans of Mwambu, Mubuya and Wanale at Masaba land have resolved to petition the office of the President about the delay in gazetting a Cultural leader (Umkhuka).


The youth who had their Special General Meeting at Dream Land Hotel in Mbale City on 31st March 2021 said the delay is perpetuating confusion in the Cultural institution.


Bryan Mawuso, the Mbale City Youth Chairperson from Wanale clan said they have resolved to write to the President asking him to intervene into matters of delayed gazettement of Masaba cultural leader for now three months.


Wilson Lukayi, the Youth Chairperson of Industrial City Division Mbale City from Mubuya clan added that that the continuous fights are going to keep Masaba land behind in terms of development unless quick interventions are taken.


Since the death of Bob Mushikori, the outgoing Masaba cultural leader in December last year, the Ministry of Culture has failed to gazette another new Umukuka after John Amuram Wagabyalila and Mike Mudoma both claimed to be the new elected cultural leader.


Allan Muduku the deputy speaker of Masaba cultural institution expressed his happiness with the resolution of youths saying that this shows that they love their cultural institution.


He urged other Bamasaba to come out and put government on pressure and gazettes one true Umukuka out of the two to stop this current confusion at the institution.


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