WOW! Crazy Winnie Nwagi Raises Scrotal Temperatures on Long Easter Holiday


By Judith Nasenya



Winnie bares it all

The rate at which this ‘everything’ singer is throwing off her clothes has left her fans wondering what is going on in her mind.


Last month, Winnie Nwagi posted pictures where she had only a wrapper that ran from her waistline downwards leaving the whole top bare. On Easter Sunday, she posted pictures that are in everything nudes.


The tantalizing pictures taken from her home in front of the main door have Winnie putting on leopard printed panties and bra.

Winnie Nwagi shows her bums

Posting of sexy pictures is now becoming a habit that she can never get ashamed of. Yesterday’s picture shows the whole of her curved body and shape of her pussy that really disturbed and disorganized her followers.


Winnie is a mother of one and would naturally be expected to show some respect to the public.


Some fans are now blaming Winnie for her failure to find a man to marry her.


“How does she expect to get a responsible husband if she cannot even respect herself to that level of showing her pussy to the public?” Wondered a fan in a post.





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