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The Day Uganda Bikers Association Rode for Cure Hospital, Mbale


By David Mudhanga




On 23rd April, 2021, Mbale City was put in a frenzy when Big Bikes roared through the City with the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) Party President, Jimmy Akena in the lead.


It has annually happened when cure hospital holds a function which is always joined with other groups that tend to always give support to the children who are sick and matters.


In a function held on 23/04/2021 in cure hospital which was full of excitement and overwhelming joy from the staff and the vulnerable patients who were waiting for the arrival of the group they were expecting to be part of the function.


On that Day, the Uganda Bikers Association in conjunction with Eastern Corporate Club rode and ran to give support to the vulnerable in Cure hospital.


At the end of the day, gifts such as soap, pumpers for babies, sugar, salt, posho flour, and soft drinks were raised and handed over to the vulnerable patients at the hospital.


The Executive Director Cure Hospital Mbale, Mr. Jim Erickson promised they will create awareness of cancer and HIV/AIDs.


He appreciated the Uganda Bikers Association and Eastern Corporate Club for running to give support to the vulnerable in Cure hospital.


Honorable Jimmy Akena who also participated in the running said he was happy with their Association in helping the poor and vulnerable.


Angela, the chairperson Uganda Bikers Association challenged the Ministry of Health step up activities of creating awareness about vulnerable children such as those handled by Cure Hospital.


CURE Uganda is a specialty teaching hospital that treats the neurosurgical needs of children with an emphasis on conditions like hydrocephalus, neural tube defects, spina bifida, and brain tumors. Located in Mbale, Uganda, it is Africa’s leading hospital for the treatment of these conditions.


Children in Uganda suffering from physical disabilities like hydrocephalus have little hope for a productive future. Left untreated, in addition to pain and suffering, infant hydrocephalus leads to significant brain damage, severe developmental delay, blindness, and ultimately death.


It was opened in 2000.

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