Over 60 Ugandan Girls Out Of Contracts, Now Rotting In Saudi


By Judith Nasenya




Over 60 Ugandan girls who had gone to Saudi Arabia for Kyeyo are rotting in an abandoned building after expiry of their contracts and no Air tickets to come back home.


In a video recorded and shared by some of these girls on Wednesday 5th May 2021, the girls narrated how they are living in very difficult conditions.


The girls are stranded and placed in isolation at a building located at 7143 Northern Ring Road, Al – Izdihar district in the Capital City, Riyadh.


“We are very many gathered in one place, we are requesting for help from any good Samaritan outside there. We are sixty people. The truth is we seriously need your help,” a lead voice cried out in the video.


She said some of the members are sick and one of them was beaten seriously with both hands and legs broken.

Screenshot of one of the girls with visible injuries to her hands

The leader of the group revealed that most of them had their contracts expire and not renewed eight months ago. In all these eight months, they lived and roamed on the Streets of Riyadh.


“Two months ago, police rounded us up and brought us to this house, without water, no food and no electricity, no medication and we are dying like ‘enkukunyi’ (meaning, fleas).



We don’t have medication, when some of us become sick, we die like fleas, besides we even can’t afford anything to eat,” she said.



The girls have singled out Mama Fina as one who should rescue them from the suffering they are going through.


Last year, immediately after the Lockdown Mama Fina promised to help in repatriating Ugandans stranded abroad, especially in Arab countries.


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