Government Releases 12 Category List of Ugandans to Benefit from Covid-19 Relief Funds

By Markson Omagor




The government of Uganda has released a 12 Category list of most affected Ugandans as a result of the 42 days lockdown to benefit from the Shs100,000 Covid relief funds.


In presser released yesterday 29th June 2021 through the Uganda Media Center, the beneficiaries will receive a net Shs100,000 on their mobile money accounts beginning July 2021.


Category number one has Bus drivers, Taxi drivers and Conductors.

Category two has baggage carriers, wheel barrow pushers, yours, traffic guides, loaders in Taxi, Bus Parks and Stages and other major commercial centers such as Kikubo.

The third category takes care of Barmen, DJs, Barmaids, waiters and Bouncers.

Number Four has Bar, gym and restaurant workers.

In category five are food vendors in Bus, Taxi Parks and Arcades.

Category six takes care of Artists who include Musicians, Comedians, Producers and Promoters.

Number seven has boda boda riders, special hire drivers and Uber drivers.

In category 8 are saloon, massage, and parlor workers.

Teachers and support staff in private schools and teachers in government schools but not on payroll are in category nine.

Number ten has car washers, while street vendors, shoe shiners and cobblers come in category eleven.

The last category is for orphans and vulnerable children.

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