Budaka P.7 Graduate Suffering from Cancer Cries Out for Help

By David Omoding


Baluka Christine, a cancer patient and a P7 candidate who was bed ridden at Mulago Cancer Institute but managed to write her 2020 PLE at Kabuna Primary school is currently stranded at the hospital.

Despite performing fairly well during the recently released PLE, Baluka may not be able to join secondary when government reopens schools due to her deteriorating health.

Dr. Fred Okuku A consultant medical oncologist at Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI) in his 28th July 2021 letter seen by  eastnews recommended for Baluka’s transfer to Agha Khan hospital for further management.

‘’High grade soft tissue sarcoma involving the mid right upper arm extending to the right shoulder joint, diagnosed February 2020, tumor noted in October 2019. Immunohistochemistry studies of the tumor not affordable at the time. tumor stage T4NOMX’’ a statement by Dr. Okuku read in part.

Adding that there’s an associated heterogeneously enhancing soft tissue mass measuring 182x179mm involving the same upper limb.

However, currently the girl is stranded at the facility awaiting well-wishers financial support to enable her reach Agha Khan hospital in Kenyan capital Nairobi.

Upon consent her patient identification number was discovered to be MRN 0960/20 with a call on well-wishers to support her with transport.

According to Bishop Vincent Watolya, the Chairperson of Lugwere Bible Translation and Language Development Organization, although a well-wisher has pledged to pay the medical bills, there’s no money for transporting and upkeep for both baluka and a care taker.

‘’I want to appreciate the friends of Christine Baluka, it has been because of your generous support, donations, inspirational sacrifices but most of all your PRAYERS that Christine’s life has been able to push this far and take each day as it comes. Baluka has been referred to Agha Khan hospital in Nairobi’’ the Bishop wrote on Bugwere Development Forum.

Watolya who has been at the lead gathering financial support towards Baluka’s medication, appeals for more support while thanking those who have made their continuous monthly contributions.

‘’ I need to start processing travel documents, valid covid 19 card, Yellow fever vaccination and other relevant documents but currently there’s no money I am stuck’’ he said.

The Bishop said for those who wish to support baluka can pass it on +256772461981 or +256704461981 registered in his names Watolya Vincent.

Baluka 18, a fourth child in the family of 12 developed a bloating two years ago that later molded on her upper right arm shoulder leaving her with excruciating pain of agony.

Her parents Mr. Geoffrey Tazuba,56, and Angela Nankoma 43, residents of Bwase village Budaka Town Council started visiting several health facilities, especially Budaka Health Centre IV, in 2019 hoping to find a solution but in vain.

Currently the family is living in abject poverty barely having a meal a day after selling all the properties including land, animals, crops to raise money for medical bills.

After failing to raise money the parents reportedly decided to abandon their daughter and isolated her to sleep with ducks in the kitchen waiting for God’s mercy.

Baluka’s fate was only saved by Concerned neighbors who tipped Bishop Watolya who swiftly retrieved the girl from her bondage and whisked her to the nearby Budaka health center, then to Mbale regional referral hospital where she was later given a referral to Mulago cancer institute.

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