Teso Artistes Cry Out to Teso Leaders over Gen. Salim Saleh Cash

By Nathan Eyagu




A section of Teso artistes have made an appeal to the region’s leaders to ensure that they also get the cash donations being doled out by General Salim Saleh in Gulu.


The artistes who had converged at Venus hotel in Ngora over the weekend actually held a peaceful protest demanding for a share of the cash been given to artistes of other regions.


The artistes led by legendary Lazarus Okwakol claimed that they have been left behind even after rallying behind President Museveni during the campaign season as they didn’t vote for their own home boy, Patrick Oboi Amuriat of FDC.


The protest follows a recently conducted meeting between the Gen. Salim Saleh and a group of artistes from Central and Northern Uganda.


In a video that has trended on social media, the singers are heard calling out to different leaders in Teso asking for support as the pandemic has greatly affected them.


The artistes further promised to demonstrate shirtless in a location yet to be revealed if no action is taken to sort their demands.


Braza Moze, an artiste from Kumi district who in the video, described H.E V.P Jessica Alupo as a mother also asked why they have been forgotten as Teso Artistes while the Baganda and artistes from Gulu got the money.


‘’Why have you left the Iteso behind yet you are also from Teso, Teso artistes are suffering, there is nothing to eat, nowhere to go yet it’s our own joy and pride as we have also got a government as we have also come into the system, please help us and listen to our cry, help us dear mother and listen to our cry, reply to us,’’ he added.

‘’Museveni oyee, NRM oyee’’ legendary singer Lazaro Okwakol from Kumi district is heard shouting as other artists repeat after him.


“Mulalu last time during  the campaign season while you were in a radio station you said that we should make the old man go through and we did it, but now people in Gulu in the Northern region are eating not forgetting those in Central but you have forgotten us, why, why,’’ Lazaro Okwakol said on top of his voice.


Singer Bosco Opolot from Ngora district and singer Aunt Sarah commonly known as Apese Iseera from Serere District also called upon the Minister of Teso Affairs Hon. Ongalo Obote and the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon Anita Among to come to their rescue.

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