Bugisu Parliamentary Caucus Launches Campaign for Public University

By Weswa Ronnie




Members of parliament from Bugisu region under their umbrella, Bugisu Parliamentary Caucus have launched a campaign demanding government to grant the region a public university.


The campaign was launched recently during the launch of the campaign at Mbale Secondary School Main Hall during stake holders meeting.


Richard Wanda, Member of Parliament representing Bungokho Central Constituency in Mbale district also the chairperson of Bugisu parliamentary caucus says it’s only Bugisu which lacks a public university country wide which is unfair.


He adds that they have already reached out to the Vice President and are planning to meet the President this week and lobby for the public university in Bugisu as a way of improving on education standards.


Wanda also says that they need a round 38.8 billion shillings from the government to construct the university since they have already ideal Mbale district land stretching for over 100 hectares where they can build the university.


John Baptist Nambeshe, the legislator of Manjiya County in Bududa district welcomed the idea of his fellow MPs saying that this time round they should forget their political party affiliation and have one voice to demand government for university.


He adds that other regions have public universities but it looks unfair for Bugisu region not to have any yet it has been voting highly for NRM.


Harriet Kakai, the Deputy Mayor of Mbale City pledged support from City Authorities such that education standards can be uplifted in Bugisu region.


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