NARO Introduces New High Yielding Beans Variety to Sironko Farmers

By Wetondo Denis Julius




National Agricultural Research Organization [NARO] has introduced a new beans variety called bio variety to Sironko farmers.


The farmers were consequently sensitized on how to grow the new variety by NARO Scientists on 5th October 2021.


Bio variety is a new improved bean type with higher yields, more resistant to diseases, and drought as compared to the ordinary type.


Pamela Paparu, a scientist NARO while sensitizing farmers about how to plant, apply manure, space, and harvest the Bio variety at Bukhulu sub county demonstration farm in Sironko district said government is aiming at improving production of beans.


She adds that due to the loss of fertility in soils these days, farmers are harvesting less in beans yet they are on high demand at both local and international markets.


Papura also says that government has allocated 90 million shillings in this program country wide to sensitize farmers, popularize and promote the new beans variety.


Stanly Nkalubo, heading bean research program at National Agricultural Research Organization [NARO] says that this program is nationwide.


He adds that they have targeted six farmer groups in Sironko district; Sola bean farmers, Sironko bean farmers and Kirombe farmers association in Bukhulu Sub County then Busati ambanilakho bean farmers, Namdago yetana group and Yiyuga Nalugugu farmers group from Bukise Sub County.


Nkalubo also says that they are moving country wide sanitizing farmers about how they can prevent disease, plant and maintain the new variety to improve on yields.


Jennet Nafuye, the Sironko District Agricultural Officer urged farmers to embrace the new variety such that they can improve on food security and household income.


She revealed that the new variety is going to be distributed to other farmers in the district after those from the six groups have harvested.


Doreen Namuwenge, the Bukhulu Sub County Agricultural Officer said farmers in her sub county have been growing poor varieties with low yields but this time they are going to plant the new improved one where she expects good yields.


She also urged farmers who may like to get more information about this variety to go to her office for more knowledge.


Isaiah Sasaga Wanzira, the Budadiri East Legislator in Sironko district appreciated the training of farmers on the variety saying this will improve on their household incomes and improve on food security.


He adds that government should use wealth creation program at district levels to distribute the variety to farmers in the next planting season such that many can benefit.


Peter Kanywamusayi Musedi and  Zuru Khaiza both farmers from Busati  ambanilakho bean farmers association at Bukhulu sub county expressed  their happiness with the training saying it has given them more knowledge about how to plant the new variety.


They add that they are going to spread the message to other farmers such that they can acquire this variety and improve on their yields.


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