Shock as Two Cattle Thieves Eat Grass in Soroti City

By Nathan Eyagu




Residents of Aloet Ward in Soroti City East were on Wednesday 13th October 2021 morning shocked to witness two suspected cattle thieves roaming around and eating grass.

The incident happened after a ritualist performed a ritual following a case of cattle theft in the community.

John Ecudi, the owner of the two bulls that were stolen said that it’s now a month since his bulls disappeared.

‘’It’s not the first case for such a thing to happen, at first, they stole my motor bike (Bajaj) but I relaxed then they also came for my two big bulls, I tried searching around but couldn’t, I felt tired with such acts of thieves stealing and decided to consult about that witch doctor following different testimonies that I heard from the public and today two came around mad and started eating grass while one was also reported to have run mad in one of the districts that he ran to,’’ he said.

Ecudi further called upon people to stop stealing people’s hard earned properties but rather work hard so that they can get their own things.

‘’I feel bad for what those boys did, one of them is married and has about five children but doesn’t stay at home, instead he moves around staying with different women and today he got his pay, we have had several theft cases in Aloet as I personally also lost cattle that was stolen and if I had the same opportunity, I would have also gone for that witchdoctor as police can’t do what he has done here today,’’ a 70 year old Ameo Keletesia a resident of Aloet who was at the scene said.

Other locals who were at the scene also promised to get contacts of the witchdoctor and provide him land for settlement if he wished to reside there so that he can help them curb the increasing cases of theft in the community.

By press time, the relatives of the suspected thieves were yet to sit down with the owner of the bulls to agree on different terms before they perform another ritual that would return the culprits to their normal states.

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