Soroti City Enforcement Officer Survives Being Beaten by Angry Street Vendors

By John Ogulei




The Soroti City Enforcement Officer, Taban Goodman has survived being beaten by a section of disgruntled Soroti city market vendors.

Taban who is currently in an operation to weed out all vendors operating in the former temporal market was pelted by vendors using stones while others were using Raw Cassava among others on Saturday 23rd October 2021.


The vendors accuse the city authorities for trying to evict them from their current business location without allocating the new space in the newly operationalized main Market.


They claim that the city authority after mismanaging the allocation of plots has decided to evict them without clear grounds.


They further accused Taban and his team for using force without giving prior notice to them as vendors.


According to sources at Soroti City council all market vendors are being asked to trade in the new market and the enforcement team has been asked to evict all vendors operating in markets that the city authority hasn’t allowed to operate.


Speaking to vendors, Taban said that the city authorities are yet to sit and harmonize the current impasse between market vendors and their top leadership but challenged vendors to cease operations or else risk their merchandise being confiscated.


Meanwhile, Eyagu reports;

A number of soroti city street vendors were on 23rd October, 2021 left in tears as they registered loses during an eviction exercise carried out by the city law enforcement team and the central market vendors who raised concern that the street vendors were making business hard for them as it was difficult for customers to gain access inside the market.


“Where do want us to go after denying us space in the market and sending us to the small ward markets where there are no customers, get serious,” a local herbalist explained as he packed his herbs in boxes.


“Remove your things or else we shall again break more and eat, you think we don’t need to do business, go away,” a local market vendor moving with the city law enforcement team shouted on top of her voice at the banana sellers along Soroti Public Gardens as they fought hard to secure their bunches of bananas from being carried into the municipal truck.


“United we stand, divided we fall, ok, that’s the motto of the market, we are chasing them to go back inside the market as they have space at the roof top, they have to go, we are united, market master told us that all people in the market to participate in the exercise and we shall come back again if they start business here,” Rachel a dry fish seller said.


” We have families, rent to pay and group loans, where are we going, you told us to be paying 500 ugx to the city council daily, we did that but today you are forcefully chasing us and eating our bananas, but why?” One elderly woman cried out as she struggled to carry a heavy basket of ripe bananas


Agwelu Michael, a boda boda man in soroti city explained that it wasn’t healthy and good to send away the women yet they have been daily paying 500 ugx to the authorities as they try to survive in the city.


Tarban Goodman, the Chairman City Law Enforcement in Soroti City said that following the outcry from the market vendors blaming the street vendors for taking away customers, they had to mobilize the market vendors together with a team of officers to carry out an eviction exercise.


” In case they don’t get space in the market, they can go to other ward markets like in Moraps, Agip, Pamba and others too as we shall continue with this exercise,” he added.

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