State House Anti-Corruption Unit to Investigate Soroti Hoes Theft

By Nathan Eyagu




The Soroti City leadership have invited the head of state house Anti-Corruption Unit, Col. Edith Nakalema to investigate the theft of boxes of hoes worth millions of shillings meant to help the local people.


This was revealed by the Soroti City Mayor, Joshua Edogu who said the arrangement has been made in partnership with the Ministry of the Presidency.


Edogu explained that through the help of government intelligence, they were able to recover over 600 pcs of hoes from different individuals arrested with hoes and later arraigned in the courts of law.


“It’s unclear who is behind the act, those who were taken to court accepted the crime but never mentioned the names of those who sold them the hoes, it’s not known why they are not revealing the names of those who sold them the hoes,” he added.


He further added that they have invited Col. Nakalema to help deal with the corruption issue since the Ministry of Presidency is aware of the arrangements too.


“The hoes were under the custody of the security but am being asked about the disappearance of the hoes, this is not fair,” he added.


Meanwhile, the Soroti City Resident City Commissioner Peter Pex Paak wants all the security officers who transported the hoes and guarded the store arrested.


” How can the hoes disappear when the store is guarded, no padlocks were broken but the boxes of hoes went missing, some of the hoes were found in Katakwi and Amuria districts and those arrested have accepted to carry their own crosses, they haven’t revealed the core dealers in the act,” he added.


He also said that there will be fresh investigations carried out and called upon the public to stay calm as the authorities play their part.


It’s should be noted that Soroti City on the 10th June, 2021 received a total of 1,157 boxes of hoes from the NAADS secretariat that were to be given to every household but mysteriously, some of the boxes disappeared.

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